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Vinayak Bhatt

I did research work in the variety of topics in Vedic Sciences, as a healing technique in Vedic Astrology and Gemstones and their effects on Human Physiology and Consciousness. Such research helped to find a cure for many diseases with the help of astrology that doesn't hold a cure in medical sciences. I am still focused and committed to finding gaps that could be filled with the help of astrology and Yoga. I am also associated with "Saptarishis Astrology" as an Astrology Trainer (Vedic & Nadi Astrology) and Author. To discover the truth and to know about yourself, you need to take your own chances has always been the philosophy that has led me to take innumerable challenges in life. I founded "vinayakbhatt.com" which is dedicated to helping the ones who are committed to practicing research-based Astrology and Vedic Yagya, offers genuine/trustworthy consultation and has further made the name of Indian astrology in the world.
Atharva Vidya

Atharva Vidya – The Core of Ganesh Atharvashrisha

Step into the realm of boundless knowledge and unlock the incredible potential of your mind through the enlightening path of Atharva Vidya. Within the sacred verses of Atharvasheersha Vedic Mantra, also known as Ganesh Upnishad, lies the key to harnessing the total functioning of your brain and achieving extraordinary human …

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Significance of Yogas

Unraveling the Significance of Yogas in Vedic Astrology: Exploring Special Combinations and their Impact

Yogas in Vedic Astrology, an ancient system of astrology originating in the Indian subcontinent, encompasses various techniques and components that provide insights into different aspects of life. Among these, yogas hold a significant position. Yogas are special planetary combinations that are believed to shape and influence an individual’s life in …

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Rohini Nakshatra In vedic Astrology

Know About Rohini Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Rohini Nakshatra, also known as the “Star of Ascent,” holds a significant place in Vedic astrology. It resides within the zodiac sign of Taurus (Vrishabha) and is governed by the radiant planet Venus (Shukra). This nakshatra embodies the qualities of fertility, abundance, creativity, and material wealth. Its symbol, the chariot, …

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