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What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology called “Jyotish” signifies the “the study of light”. Vedic science originates from the Vedas one of the most established profound sacred scriptures of India. The considerable sage Maharishi Parashara was the most persuasive; his Brihat Hora Sastra is still the most referenced content, and has numerous interpretations. There were eighteen extraordinary sages, yet the most well-known today and the priciples sketched out in this book are essentially from Parashara.


“Sikhya Kalpo Vyakarananch Niruktam Chhanda ye Vacha,


Jyotisham Chati Vedanam Sadangancha Prachakhyate”


Astrology as a branch of knowledge is one of the most important parts of six parts of the Vedas. The six parts are sikhya, Kalpa, Vyakaran, Nirukta, Chhanda, Jyotish. Astrology is referred to as the eyes of the Vedas, since it gives us the capacity to see into our lives with more clarity. Vedic astrology is the exploration of self-knowledge. This gives us the realization of the Divine Spirit within everything, and our connection and solidarity to Spirit. It is an antiquated Indian science which clarifies planetary movements and positions as for time and their impacts on people and different entities on Earth.


Astrological Science


“Biphala Nanya Shastrani Vivadah Stesha Kevalam

Pratyakhyam Jyotisham Shastra Chandrarko Yatra Sakhinau”


It means that astrology is a demonstrated shastra in view of truth, of which the sun and the moon are the noticeable witness, though different disciplines are liable to discuss and subsequently controversial.


You should never forget that God’s influence is the supreme influence. You have been given the free decision and knowledge, as a child of God, to surmount the troubles of life. Endeavour persistently, from a center of inner calmness, to surmount each material, mental, and spiritual trouble. Collaborate with His will by presenting to Him all the quality of your human will. You should always say, “Lord, I trust in YOU, and know you can help me, however I too will do my best to fix any wrong I have done.”


If you can hold onto your happiness during all the challenges throughout your life, then you will start to rise above the impact of the stars. If you can retain your smile in spite of repeated challenges, that an indication of the enlivening of consciousness of godlikeness inside you. Through every single such activity, you are changing your body and psyche and how they are influencing the twelve focuses in your spine. As a consequence of these changes, the stars will start to bless you.


Astrological Remedies


Planets and other divine bodies apply their great and adverse impacts on each person. The troublesome impacts of contradicting planetary combinations can give mental anxiety, long sickness or push a person to the edge of bankruptcy. In case of such complicated situations, astrological remedies are the solutions which can help a person. Vedicgrace Remedial Program identifies few key astrological remedies like:

Mantra: A repeated recitation of auspicious text lines or words to defeat the mishaps.


Yantra: A "charm" or "Kavach", and a visible means to gain wealth and counterbalance the malefic impacts of planets.


Gemstones: Recommend to strengthen the weak auspicious planetary positions and the effectively solid planets.


Puja: is a custom performed to keep us in congruity with the inestimable strengths, in this way expelling and beating the distresses of life and bringing spiritual advancement.


Yagya: is a conciliatory fire service and is an essential devotional practice. During the yagya, purohit offer a considerable amount of samigri or puja materials into the fire. These materials are symbol of our considerations and feelings and yagya as remedy is also suggested by our best astrologer.


Although these astrological remedies affect the planets of the person by enhancing the positive aura and dispelling the evil hindrance, it must be noted that these do not bring about success directly but may only just help in overcoming the obstacles and difficult situations indirectly.

Services by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


According to Vinayak Bhatt, the Vedic Astrology examination takes up on the law of Karma, which expresses that whatever a person does, the impacts of it returns to them. Accordingly, viewed as prescient in nature, Vedic Astrology can demonstrate when the outcomes of such previous activities will come to satisfaction in the present life.


There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life and people. By analyzing the projection of the position of planets, Sun and the Moon on the Ecliptic at the moment of birth, astrology can give us a glimpse of a person's basic characteristics, preferences, flaws and fears.


Astrology Vinayak Bhatt has the novel aptitude of examining the impacts of this specific science on a man’s life. He has accomplished over 25-year scientific research has built up that a sufficiently large group of uniquely prepared peacekeepers can raise the level of coherence and harmony in global collective consciousness and turn the tide towards peace for the whole world. Our precise procedure includes Vedicgrace Yagya program and gemstone remedial to provide remedies for your life problems such as- Career Guidance, love life, Health issues, Sports, Family Problems, and Business Concerns.


His personalized horoscope and prediction is rendered with assurance of quality, credibility also on top most priority according to Indian Vedic Astrology. You can benefit our authentic astrology service from any edge of the world. He learnt about Vedic astrology under the guidance of “Maharishi Mahesh yogi” and other south and north Astrologers. He will help you to achieve great success by using Vedic astrology and remedies as a base and providing practical solution while dealing with the dilemmas of your life. Analysis provided by our best astrologer include positional, planetary friendship, planetary strength (Shadbala, Ishta Phala and Kashta Bhala), Bhava Bala, Kuja Dosha Check and Planetary War.


We are here at give you the old authentic astrology service and best astrology remedies which could give you help from the malefic impacts of the planets.

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