The modern era of science and technology are enhancing our comfort scales, stress and pollution have are the major challenges for man. The world is beginning to realize that the comforts provided to us by modern science and technology not only making life easier and comfortable, but also creating unfit environment to live. In fact, apart from huge emphasis and tension, more unknown diseases, untold anxiety and fear is caused by the highly polluted environment and ecological imbalance. This has raised alarming call to bring us back towards common life style. Yagya appears to be a only solution in the ancient Indian sciences for achieving this goal.

In a physical laboratory, it might not be possible to established the spiritual effects of Yagya, but the physical and mental effects of Yagya can be surely tested, and the claims to cure physical and mental diseases through Yagya  can be confirmed . The Brahmavarchas Shodha Sansthan (a scientific research center in Haridwar, India) has taken up research on this aspect of Yagya.

It is to be noted here that the traditional systems of treatment of physical diseases employ medicines which are mainly given orally. Therefore, their effects are seen after consumption and absorption by the the system .Most part of the medicine taken orally is not utilized by the digestive system. Such medicines may also upset our body. The same is more or less true for medicines directly injected into the blood. Their results are quick, but their adverse side effects are often more harmful.the white blood corpuscles find them s a foreign body and its effect may be adverse due to formation of antigen antibody reaction , sometimes which may lead to some allergies, and sometimes the reaction of the system will be sudden, massive and direct intrusion of foreign matter into the blood through injection proves most serious, and even fatal. In a Yagya, medicines and herbs are vaporized by offering them into the sacrificial fire, and they enter the human body in a vaporous form through the nose, lungs and the pores of the skin. This might be proved to be easiest, least toxic, less risky and most effective method of administrating a medicine to reach every single cell of the body.

The possibilities of solving mental illness by Yagya are even more attractive. Identification of problems and treatment of mental disorders is still in its infancy in the modem systems of treatment. There are neither well established diagnostics instruments, nor any recognized system of treatment of diseases like Neurosis, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Depression, Tension, Melancholia, Mania, Hysteria etc. On the other hand, psychosomatic diseases are uncontrolled and these type of mental illness are more ruinous than physical illness.

Exhibition of psychosomatic diseases, except in extreme and advanced cases is not so apparent, and that may explain why enough attention has not been paid to them. The stress and strain of modem life, depravity of social behavior and fall in moral values all around are contributing to an alarming increase in psychosomatic diseases. Yagya might offer a solution to this serious problems as well.

The technique of Yagya  for the treatment of physical and mental diseases does not consist of vaporization of the constituents or herbs to be employed, but various Samidhas are offered into the sacrificial fire of Yagya to create the desired effects. Research on all these aspects of Yagya is being organized in the laboratory of  Brahmvarchas. It might well lead to the development of a scientifically established Yagnopathy, which may find  honour and also a leading place in other therapies of the world like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Chromopathy, Naturopathy, etc. Looking to the high in­tellectual caliber and fulfillment of those who are engaged in research, Yagnopathy may come into being sooner than expected, and it may rank an unique achievement of the modem age.

4.1. Results of Research in Scientific laborato­ries:

Dr. Selvamurthy has recognized neurophysi­ological effects of Mantras from Agnihotra  (described in the next section) which is per­formed at the time of sunset. In this experimental study, 8 healthy men were selected, They use to re­port at 4 p.m. for two days. First day for con­trol recording, some irrelevant syllables were uttered at specific time periods. Next day evening the Agnihotra used to be performed with proper Mantras. Recording of physiological parameters viz. Heart rate, ECG, EEG, GSR, blood pressure were made on both days.

The results showes that,

  • Ult ration in the brain waves, while the mind (brain waves) remained unaltered before Agnihotra, meaningful elevation occurred after the reciting Agnihotra.
  •  G.S.R. remained significantly higher due to proper Agnihotra’.
  •  ECG showed DC shift in the base line;
  • EEG showed alpha enhancement and delta suppression for more than 15 minutes.

In recent years, the science of medicine has begun to determined the role of psychology in prevention and cure of malady. As the atmosphere,” Prana and mind’ are inter connected, the individuals naturally experience relaxation, peace, unburdening of the mind, enhancement of pleasure, calmness,  loss of worries and stress, by performing yagya. The increase in the level of Prana (vital energy) in the temperature where a Yagya is performed — was also stored with the help of Kirlian photographs of human hands before and after Yagya in the experiments organized by Dr. Matthias Ferbinger of Germany.

The atmosphere surrounding the place where a Yagya is being performed and the ash created in the Kunda is useful in healing nervous system disorders, asthma, heart diseases, lung infections, a wide variety of skin diseases and the diseases of the eyes and ears. researches concluded that ash of kunda include certain ingredients, which soothe, pacify and tranquilize the mind.

4.2.: Some Dossier

The following sample of case studies was reported in .

(a) Addiction towards drugs and alcohol:

An officer of 25 years age, who has been a poly-drug abuser in the past, was selected for the study by Lt. Col. G.R. Golecha, a senior adviser in the psychiatry division of the Indian army. The patient was dependent on heroin for the last 2 years. He had undergone some de-addiction courses twice in past with no benefit and had become antagonistic to such methods. He was then made to perform Agnihotra.

A rating scale was developed by Dr. Golecha to roughly quantify and study the improvement. The practice of Agnihotra resulted in developing his psychology to overcome from smack and significant decrease of his urge for it within few weeks after Agnihotra.

Conclusion: Agnihotra helps drug addicts to get away from desire of drugs, because Agnihotra removes negative stereotype thoughts and motivates for positive approach  towards life by love and compassion.

All the psycho therapeutic advances have failed to control a habitual addict. Agnihotra is a new hope in this field.

(B) Diabetes and Agnihotra:


Name of patient:              Pandurang M. Patil Age: 72 yrs.

Address:                            Sai Prabha, Mangvir Pakhadi

Post-Tal-Alibaug, Dist   Raigad (M.S.)

Case:                                 One year old diabetic.

Before starting Agnihotra — Report on 6-05-1993

1)Fasting biood sugar level:285 mg/dt (Normal 70-110)
Urine Sugar:Present++
2)Post Lunch
Blood Sugar:530 mg/dt (Normal upto 120)
Urine Sugar:Present++

After performing daily Agnihotra — Report on 24-07-93

Blood Sugar:95 mg/dt (Normal 70-110)
Urine Sugar:Absent
2)Post Lunch
Blood Sugar:120 mg/dt (Normal upto 120)
Urine Sugar:Absent

The above case report result has been furnished by Medicare pathology laboratory.









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