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The different types of mediums: Understand what you deal with

Above all, it is necessary for you to understand that each type of medium actually corresponds, not to different capacities, but to the same path on which each medium springs and where the gift of self, the spiritual opening and the work on oneself will be the passage to the higher level.

What is being medium? It is not uncommon in esoteric circles to meet people who call themselves psychic. This notion, however, is vast and may seem vague. There are many books on the subject. However, sometimes it is not enough to read a few books to understand.

Mediumship is an experience in its own right. An important part of the lives of the people involved. For my part I found this experience pleasant and helped me avoid myths about real psychics. But I know that some things are more complicated. There are times when everything becomes difficult to manage. All I can say and advise here is to accept. To accept one’s mediumistic abilities is to accept oneself. This is the easiest way to be happy.

The word medium means middle, it designates the persons who can serve as intermediary between the material world and the spiritual world. It is the ability to see the entities with the eyes of his soul. However, not all mediums are endowed with the same faculties. These are largely according to the being itself and especially its spiritual level. It simply means that although we all come from the same “source”, we do not all have the same experiences to live.

The types of mediums

These psychics live the worst of their reality since they are in contact with the spirits of low astral. These spirits are often stuck in a dark intermediate dimension that does not please them. In doing so, they are regularly happy to harass the incarnated beings who have the opportunity to see them. They are therefore voluntarily wicked, sometimes aggressive and especially they like to push the medium in its entrenchments of fear. They feast on this fear. They spend a lot of energy themselves to be able to do this. Therefore, by being boring, they create a link with these mediums, which allows them to recover the energy they need by hanging up. What an advantage for the medium, will you say to me? Well, no one is bound to let himself go! Learning to handle these situations allows you to grow spiritually because you have to know that these entities use fear because they can’t do otherwise to parasitize. When the medium has learned not to be afraid, when he has learned to see love in him and therefore he has found his own strength, he will not be bored.

Medium-sightedness: This is the possibility for the medium to come into contact with deceased persons. These dead people live in an astral sphere close to ours. They have not found the way often. They need help. Some mediums are struggling with this situation as well. Too many disappeared to their taste or too much are aggressive. Yet again, it’s the medium to manage. Helping the dead by listening to them or helping them through is a way of loving.

In fact, the medium often feels lonely if he lives poorly and does not know where to turn. Contacting other people via online forums is a good idea. Doing a job on yourself is a better one. It is not for nothing that often these people do not feel the presence of higher entities with them. These same entities that can protect you and help you. But sometimes you have to go a long way yourself before meeting fellow travelers. Moreover, many people live both situations simultaneously. These people are called showy, they can predict the future.

Third case that I will call a spiritual medium

These people are able to see the spirits of low astral, the deceased but also higher entities. These generally arrive more easily to get rid of astral entities than those mentioned above. They can see and come into contact with spirits having the level of the Beings of Light or other entities of the same level but also some higher spirits, such as Angels. The entities help them believe in their powers. With a more developed intuition, which can allow them to predict some or even many things, with or without support. They are good at interpreting dreams because they are guided in this way and above all, they often practice a profession that puts them at the service of others. For the moment, these mediums in general live well their condition and accept it because they draw more advantages than inconvenience and are almost never bored. These mediums have a spiritual level that protects them from many attacks. However, they are not invulnerable and must, like all the other cases mentioned above, purify themselves energetically in a very regular way, especially when they practice. Some psychics can come into contact with whoever they want. Absolutely who they want. Me for example….. Up to a certain level of course.

Healing Mediums

These mediums have the ability to access the power of their extremely powerful guides that allow them to cure all kinds of ailments related to the evils of souls but also to relieve and sometimes cure diseases that have remained uncontrolled by science “to using one’s own energy. The name of magnetizer is most often mediated. These mediums often arrive at the end of the incarnation cycle, they must learn to develop and manage their abilities through many karmic tests.


We have already spoken here that to be a medium is to perceive subtle frequencies around us. We all have intuition that is a higher soul spirit speaking in our ear.

To be a medium is not necessary to have a course, because these courses exist to develop, to emerge the mediumship and to direct it correctly. Many mediums suffer from not knowing how to direct this energy, they become destabilized people. The mediums need to work their energies, leaving them free, because those who have the mediumship emerged are more susceptible to obsessors, backs and should be careful.

Now, let’s know a little more about the different types of mediums:


These mediums perform healing by laying their hands on the sick person, praying and performing spiritual surgeries.


These mediums are able to guide less evolved spirits, thus contributing to their spiritual elevation.


They are mediums with strong spiritual evolution, because they are able to listen, feel and receive thoughts of consciously disembodied.


These mediums write messages from the spiritual plane with the help of their mentors.


These mediums incorporate discarnate painters by drawing wonderful canvases.


These mediums present future vision of situations, using telepathy (when they hear the voice inside) or through clairvoyance (those who see the discarnate or distant scenes). Here may occur the psychophony in which the medium speaks as if it were someone else or even xenoglassia (the medium speaks or writes in another language).

The spiritual world includes great things, not limited to one’s personal experience. Hopefully everything that has been written in this post can provide a new understanding for you. Here are the spiritual quotes for you today!

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