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Astrologer in Delhi-India

Astrologer in Delhi-India Vedic astrology expert Vedicgrace organization has group of scholar Pandits and best Astrologers in Delhi. We intends to give service to the public on Astrology services and yagya performance ,a system of Vedic Science. Our expert astrologer in Delhi gives accurate predictions and remedies for problems in …

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In the physical world we have two basic energy systems first one is heat and second one is sound.In yagna “sound” of the Gayatri and other Mantras and “Heat” from Yagna,these are combined together to find the desired physical,phychological and spiritual powers. The fumigation of specific object in the Yagna …

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Astrology and Music

Nada Brahma and Planetary Tones Astrology and music are interrelated and both are used as remedial measures for handling problems. Music is part of Sama Veda while astrology is an Upaveda and Vedanga, both ruled by Lord Siva, an embodiment of the Sun. The Sun is -described as Siva and …

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