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All about the material as­pects of Yagna we discussed above. The greatly subtle effects are by far the more valuable. Like humans, matter too, has three bodies — physical, subtle and innovative. The body which eats, sleeps, walks, acts; which consists blood, flesh etc., and is apparent man’s physical body. Subtle body is that which thinks, recognize and command on the physical body. Causal or astral body is that in which faith, convictions,opinion ,aspira­tions etc, are deeply rooted. The subtle body is much more strong as compared to the physical body. The causal body is several times more strong than the sub­tle body.

The causal energy underlying all the Havishya used in Yagna is aroused by the rituals prescribed for the Yagna performance. Only then alone it is possible to affect desired changes in the mind and knowledge of the par­ticipants. If this is not done, the effects of Yagna will be restricted to the physical – chemical effects of vaporization of particular substances. No doubt, several profits can be derived by these effects too. The fumes of Yagna delete foul smell and spread soothing fragrance. It can also help in controlling virus infection and thereby pro­moting physical health. This is, however, an consequences achievement, as compared to the vast potential of Yagna .

Significance of Yagna lies in the subtle capability of the sub­stances which are offered in the atoning fire. The se­lection of a particular wood or Havan Samagri depends on the intention for which Yagna is performed.

In order to encourage the causal energy of the offering, help of the science of Mantras is taken. The leader of Yagna takes all precautions to ensure that the Mantras are uttered, pronounced and allocated perfectly in the pitch voice , rhythm and tone duly set as guide. Strict rules is required to be managed, and there should be no changes. Shabda (The eternal and cosmic sound) is called as Brahm. Usually, it is used for swaping of thoughts but at subtler and higher levels in Mantra, Shabda plays the role of getting exchanged into poten­tial energy.

The entire basis of the Mantra Shastra stands on the foot­ing that the choose, interlocking and appropriation of words in a Mantra exist in such a way that it becomes possible to get miraculous benefits by making the causal energy of Shabda specifically increased and made more strong.

Before use all the pots and even water used in the Yagna are puri­fied by specific Mantras . The fire-wood (Samidhas) are washed, dried and used after they are duly sanctified by Mantras. The procedure of Vedi pujan and Yagnashala pujan are devote to make the Havan kund live — with awaken causal energy. This as a whole is the scientific procedure of mass medication which enhanced the spiritual basis of the Yagna process.

It is mainly experienced that Yagiya (Agnihotra)— at­mosphere is very agreeable and attractive for attaining spiritual uplift. Dr. Motohama of Tokyo, Japan has studded the effects of Agnihotra, with his instrument for counting electric fields around the body. He has stated that after performing an Agnihotra, the Anahata Chakra (cardiac plexus) exhibits similar situation that exists after psychic and spiritual healing.

6.1. Mantras — Subtle Dimensions of Sound:

Mantras are distinced in Yagna in accordance with the prescribed methods,rules and standard. It benefits the persons con­cerned and stimulates beneficial vibrations and causes ben­eficial excitements in the environment. Besides, it makes possible the stimulation of causal energy of the materials used in Yagna to such an extent that the unseen potenti­alities underlying them are greatly increased.

Articlesmade frightened and pious with the help of Mantra, if of­fered by way of blessing perfoem more effectively than even medicines. It is by including the causal energy of mate­rial (Havishya) before it is offered in the atoning fire, that exemplary profitable results are produced to such an extent that even an common substance possesses ex­traordinary specific ability. If the Havishya is  dropped in the fire, it only produced fragrant smell and proves beneficial to limited extent. Without chanting Mantras it will not be possible to derive profits, which are ex­pected by performing a Yagna.

When a Mantra is chanted altogether during a Yagna, its sonic capability inhances exponentially due to

  1. The collision of the sound waves (generated by the Mantra chanting) with the thinnest ‘flame-screen’ of the quiver­ing fire of Yagna and the good frequency vibrations created thereby;
  2. The subtle cummunication of the sound waves of the Mantras with the cosmic energy centre (Devta) associated with their particuler configurations as carry Shabdas-,
  3. The basic thermodynamic ef­fects associated with the fumigation of the sacrificed Havishya in the Yagna fire;
  4.  The combined effects of the vital, mental and causal energies of the people, who are in performing the Yagna

The sound-waves, of the Mantras, alternatively of proceeding in their natural circular motion, are carried from lower to higher position in a spiral form by the force of the electrons created by fumigation of the Havishya after sublation in Yagna – fire.

The shared collisions of these fast moving electrons along with the superimposition of the timely phased, composite sonic patterns of the Mantras result in the penetration in and out of the ionosphere. The composite chanting of Mantras in perticuler rhythm in front of the Yagna flames gives rise to unique sound-waves which have infinite ra­diant effects in the outer space.

The subtle effects of Mantras on the consciousness are accomplished only if the reader are authentic with respect to the. Suitable and reserved use of their voice and tongue in confirmity to the integrity and devinity of their thoughts, emotions, character and deeds in every features of life. The subtle science of speech sound described in the ancient Indian scriptures classifies four levels of voice (Vani) namely, the Baikhari, Madhyama, Para, and Pashyanti and focus the importance of the spiritual practices (Sadhanas) of their realization through Gayatri and Yagna.

The wonders of ultra and infra levels of sound can be bring to successful conclusion by the refinement of the first and most elemen­tary of the above considered four levels of the Vani. The Madhyama type works in the domain of thought waves and if cultured further, leads to the subtler sounds of Para and Pashyanti, which are mentioned as the Vanis for spir­itual communications and ‘conversation’ with the Brahm. If a spiritually cultured, trained performs a Yagna, the Mantras recited by him or her include the impact of all the four awaken Vanis. Such Yagnas indeed produce a spiritually charged atmosphere, which elevates the knowledge of all living beings along with harmonising the material systems in nature.

Advancement of the continuous research in the material based determination of the effects of Yagnas along with of the subtle-science of Yagna and Gayatri would assure bring­ing a shining future for humanity and for the life on this earth, as a whole.






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