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Ketu Shanti Yagya {Ketu Puja}


There is no denial the Vedic poojas for the planets in navgraha are the most potential and supreme of all remedies. The impact of Vedic Jyotish and these pujas is so potent that it can result impossible things to be possible. It is recommended to perform a vedic pooja for malefic planets with a specific count of Ved mantras and remove the negativity in the natives life from the removal of the dosh in horoscope.


There is no denying the Vedic poojas for the planets in Navgraha are the most potential and supreme of all remedies. The impact of Vedic Jyotish and these poojas is so potent that it can result in impossible things to be possible. It is recommended to perform a Vedic pooja for malefic planets with a specific count of Ved mantras and remove the negativity in the native’s life from the removal of the dosh in a horoscope. The procedure may vary from one planet to another in order to perform a Vedic Pooja for planets in Navgraha though the steps are most likely to be generalized. They may slightly differ in some base rules. Let’s discuss the procedure to successfully conduct a Vedic Pooja for Ketu in order to pacify malefic Ketu in a horoscope.


Ketu Pooja or Ketu Shanti Yagya is exquisitely organized in order to remove the malefic effects of Ketu in a horoscope. This done by pacifying the negative effect of Ketu by providing more strength to Ketu does unleash positivity. The benefic results of Ketu are received by increasing its frequency or momentum. The day prescribed to start a pooja or Yagya for Ketu is Tuesday or Saturday but may change as per the preference and time required by the Vedic pundits to perform a complete set of 17,000 Ketu Vedic mantras . 8 to 10 Vedic Pundits usually take 6 to 8 hours to finish Ketu pooja. All the poojas or Yagya for Navgraha including Ketu pooja are done in order to remove malefic effect by removing negativity or to avail extra benefits from the already benefic planet by providing more strength to the planet in a horoscope with remedies.


The procedure to perform Ketu pooja is as follows-

Sankalpam – No matter what is the nature or type of pooja, this is the most significant step in any pooja where the correct Mantras for a pooja are chosen so as to rectify the dosh. These mantras can go beyond limits and stretch to the limit of 125,000. The chant of mantras for this pooja is Ketu mantras and they shall be performed in designated time and manner. To start a pooja we first choose a specific day to start and end the pooja. This day is chosen in accordance with the nature of pooja and time required by the pundits to complete the pooja.


In Sankalpam that is also known as resolution the head Vedic pundit generally takes an oath in front of the respective God and Goddess on the behalf of native stating that they are going to perform a Ketu pooja and as a result of successful completion of Pooja in underlined manner, the native shall be blessed by the gods in form of removal of the Dosh and Yoga in horoscope. He takes the name of native, his father’s name and of the assistant pundits which are 5 to 7 in number. He also mentions the proposed date and time to finish the pooja and includes any special wish and requirements of the native in the Sankalpam.


After this Sankalpam pundits keep on enchanting mantras in order to finish the pooja in proposed time. They enchant for as long as 6-8 hours a day to finish a pooja.


Completion Ceremony- This is the next step after the Sankalpam and the pundits have finished enchanting all the mantras for the pooja. A culmination ceremony in form of completion ceremony is organized at the completion of pooja which takes generally 2 to 3 hours. Time for this ceremony may change for different poojas. In the completion ceremony, the Vedic pundits keep on repeating that they have finished the mantras in decided time and manner and there native should be blessed by the God and Goddess. Things related to planets among the Navgraha are also worshiped in this ceremony. A pooja is organized in for different God and Goddess and they are worshiped in the completion ceremony.


Havana –  An important step in any pooja that requires special attention and care in performance. The procedure of Havana is very technical and should be performed by and under the guidance of expert Vedic pundits with esteem knowledge and experience. In this link pundits establish a direct connection between the native and the planets with the help of mantras and Jaaps. This is done by the appliance of the pure and supreme power of Vedic Jyotish. After this, a havan is formed and holy fire is lit for the pooja. The enchantment of Ketu pooja is again started and this time at the end of the enchantment of each mantra, a strong sound of Swaha is produced. This sound is reproduced for each mantra and with the sound, a certain specific offering from pooja samagri is devoted to the holy fire. This process is repeatedly done for long with different pooja samagri like- flowers, ghee, oil, rice, wheat, milk and many other items. At the end to finally mark an end to pooja, a dry coconut filled with specific items is devoted to the holy fire of Havana. This brings Ketu pooja to an end.


All the above-mentioned procedures are to be followed in a specific manner. Failure in performance shall lead to no benefits from the pooja and native shall not be blessed by the Gods for getting the pooja performed as a remedy.

There are few precautions and prohibitions to be maintained by the native for the successful completion of pooja, during the run of Pooja. These are as follows-

  • The native is advised to eat only vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.
  • The native is advised to refrain from smoking or consumption of alcohol during the Pooja.
  • The native should keep the aura positive around him and should not surround in negativity
  • The native should not get involved in any act of violence
  • The native should not get sexually involved with the partner whether married or unmarried
  • The native should wake up early morning and pray to God, Goddess, try to connect with pooja himself/herself.

The point to be noted in Ketu pooja is that the pooja can be performed in presence of or without the presence of native. This can be done with the help of assistant pundit who shall recite all the mantras for the native. In this pooja native’s photo is kept as a resemblance and symbol of representation. Head Vedic pundit mentions in the sankalpam that the native is unable to attend the pooja and the designated pundit shall recite mantras on his behalf. This is done by an assistant pundit who recites first mantras of the native and then his own mantras.


Performing a chant of 17,000 Ketu Vedic mantras in an above-mentioned manner and thus finishing successful Ketu pooja results in the removal of malefic Ketu in a horoscope of the native.


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