Gemstone Recommendation



  • Favorable Birthstone to wear for a lifetime
  • Favorable Gemstone to enrich career
  • Favorable Gemstone to stay healthy
  • Gemstone to pacify anger
  • Gemstone to be at peace of mind
  • Lucky gemstone to energize luck and fortune
  • Gemstone to boost confidence
The client is provided with a report of gemstone consultation. The report includes the best Gemstone to wear as per your horoscope, the date and time to wear it as per Vedic vidhi Vidhan.
The Gemstones find mention in Archeology (the study of past) and have been found during excavations of early civilizations, used as ornaments by the early man. However, it was with the popular use of Vedic Astrology that people started recognizing the amazing healing power of Gemstones. There are references in History which suggest that Chinese & Egyptians started recognizing the strong healing powers of these colorful stones.

Gemstones have a special place in Vedic Astrology. At times certain planets in a birth chart cast a negative or malefic effect on the native. Which is when the negativity is neutralized with the help of wearing/using recommended Gemstones as suggested by a seasoned Vedic Astrology practitioner. Besides being used for their Remedial powers, they are also known to be the harbinger / or change agents for good times. They are known to bring in good luck & fortune to the user. That is the reason they are immensely popular nowadays. But some Gemstones may have an ill effect and cause negative impact instead of being beneficial. Hence the recommendation of beneficial Gemstones is specific to a horoscope and will vary with every horoscope. The beneficial effects of various Gemstones can be understood as below –

Pearl is for peace of mind and calmness. Pearl corresponds to Moon.
Ruby denotes aggression, leadership, passion and bestows political powers to the user, corresponding to Sun.
Coral stands for Mars. It is used to impart physical strength and helps in bone & muscular problems.
Emerald corresponds to Mercury and helps in financial power.
Diamond stands for Venus and has a special significance in love & marriage, imparting physical well being.
Yellow Sapphire is for Jupiter and promotes all positive effects of Jupiter including general well being and good fortune.
Blue Sapphire is for Saturn and negates the ill effects of Saturn.
Cat’s Eye corresponds to Ketu and is known to help in case of mental disorders.
Hessonite stands for Rahu and promotes financial gains and fortune.

You can order your Gemstone Report which will come with the following features –

  • Favourable and most suited Gemstones which will help enhance the quality of your life
  • A list of Gemstones which should never be worn by you as they may have a negative impact.
  • The method of using the recommended Gemstones.


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