Durga Saptashati Yagya in Kamakhya Temple and Vaishno Devi




Durga Saptashati which is also known as Devi Mahatmya and Chandi Path is a Hindu religious text describing the victory of the Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. It is part of the Markandeya Purana, written by sage Markandeya.

The text contains Saptashata i.e. 700 verses and because of that the whole composition is known as Durga Saptashati. The seven hundred verses are arranged into 13 chapters. For ritual reading purposes a number of subsidiary texts are appended before and after of 700 verses. A ritualistic reading of Durga Saptashati is part of the Navratri celebrations in the honor of the Goddess Durga.

Durga Saptashati is significant composition to perform Chandi Homa which is one of the most significant Homa(s) done to gain health and to conquer over enemies. Chandi Homa is performed while chanting verses from Durga Saptashati. Total 700 Ahuti i.e. offering to Goddess Durga through sacred fire are made during Chandi Homa.

Durga Saptashati is an often-chanted Hindu religious text, which describes the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. It is the base of Shakti tradition. It is believed that when someone chants this text, all his wishes are fulfilled.

At Vedicgrace , we have brought you a golden opportunity of performing Durga Saptashati path along with offering Bhaint and Prasad at the Maa Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam.

Why do Durga Saptashati Path:
• It removes anger, greed, and jealousy
• It brings success in court cases
• It improve personal and professional relationships
• Eradicate hurdles and obstacles in life
• This path helps in fulfillment of your desires
• It helps in achieving gain in business and material comforts
• It put an end to familial disputes and brings harmony in life
• It triggers development of personality and character
• This puja helps release stress and bring tranquillity to life
• Eradicate all kinds of negative energy, evil spirits, and ghosts

Durga Saptashati is a very powerful text and a small mistake can bring adverse effects to you and your family. Therefore, it is advised that it should be performed by expert pundits. At Vedicgrace , we ensure that the puja is done by the experts on your behalf adhering to all the Vedic rituals.

When you order a puja, we will provide you a link through which you can watch the live puja virtually. Once the puja is done, Prasad will be sent to you through courier at the provided address.

Prasad will include:
• Bhaint offered to Maa Durga at the Temple (including a small basket containing phooliyan, akhrot, makhane, dry apple pieces, coconut etc.)
• Mata ki Chunri
• Mata ki Mauli ( a sacred thread)
• Mata ka Khazana (it has to be kept in locker or purse)

Vedicgrace represents the temple authorities or its trustees nor are the manufacturer/seller of Prasad products, but is solely a platform which connects you with certain individuals who shall offer Bhaint & Prasad (‘Service’) at Vaishno Devi (“Temple”) on your behalf. Accordingly, Vedicgrace makes no representation or warranties of any kind express or implied as to the execution of the orders at the Temple or the quality or delivery of Service.
To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Vedicgrace disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to the warranties of quality, service on fitness for a particular purpose.

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