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 India’s Best Remedial Program by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

The problems in life are caused by weak planets and/or afflictions to them. Therefore, two way application of vedic remedies is administered after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. Firstly, the strength is provided to weak functionally benefic planets. The strength can be provided by various methods , e.g. stones, colour therapy and Vedic Mantra / Vedic Yagya in an auspicious time. Secondly, the malevolence of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets. The two way applications help in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences(s) to a large extent. The preventive use of vedic remedies is much more useful than the curative vedic remedies.our best astrologer in India can suggest best astrological remedies for your all problems.

Real Benefit of Vedic Remedies

Generally, people resort to vedic remedies in the end after trying all other therapies and ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of the astrological science. Needless to stress, the benefit of preventive medicine/measures is always better than that o the curative measures. For both-curative and preventive remedies- The judicious mixture of the following vedic remedies is applied.

Colour Therapy:

This is a very potent preventive remedy for epilepsy, mental retardation, psychic problems, etc. And is practised through the use of favourable colours in the matters of dress and furnishings in one’s living room.


Again this is a preventive as well as curative therapy for solving the problems in physical and spiritual areas. Wider applications of this therapy are in the field of success of professional ventures. This is practised through the use of outlay of a building to derive geomagnetic forces for properly energising the total impact of building with the help of light, air, space and aura conducive to the main functionary.


As part of the meditation, the recitation of Mantra is prescribed for propitiating the trouble causing planets as per the Vedic rituals.


These are offered for the planets causing afflictions/problems in a horoscope.

How the astrological remedies work Define by Indian Astrologer

The planets are not just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces which is affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body. The planetary energies create a pattern, a shape and a combinations of colours in our astral body, which irradiates and attracts a similar energy towards it.

The different planets contribute to the colour of the aura and that colour and vibratory wavelength is related with our thoughts, feelings, health, and the situations we attract to our life. The upayes / remedies work by managing or changing those astral influences in our own astral body, strengthening or diminishing certain colours, frequencies or wavelength like creating a kind of protective shield.

There are several types of Upayes or remedies: Some of them are :-

1. Yoga 2. Mantras 3. Yantras 4. Yagyas and Pooja 5. Use of Gemstones 6. Austerities, and Fasts 7. Donations Yoga

The most important Upaye or remedies or way we can purify and enlighten our astral body is Yoga. Please don’t understand here the word Yoga as just a form of physical exercise, as it is commonly understand in the west. Even though the physical practices or asana are a very important part of it and they themselves can bring important changes in the astral body and the mind, Yoga also includes a discipline of the mind, emotions , subtle energies, actions, behaviour, the practise of meditation and most important, a total surrender to God.
Yoga goes right to the source of the human problems which is the spiritual ignorance and it gives tools to change the thought and behaviour patterns that are associated with the negative planets. For each planet and actually for each planetary combinations or each individual chart situations the astrologer has to find which is the appropriate Yoga, and give the right kind of spiritual advice to the consultant. In some cases it may be more meditation, in other case it may be more towards devotion and developing pure and selfless love(Bhakti Yoga), in others the practice of asanas or body postures, or different breathing exercises and pranayama, or the path of Karma yoga, selfless services and detachment in action, Ganga yoga, Kundalini yoga etc. Or most probably a certain combination of more than one path. All these teachings and techniques are based on the developing of self-discipline of the mind and emotions to bring them from a gross level into a tune with the Divine mind and “Dharma” or cosmic order.


The use of mantras is also a very important from of Yoga, and it is especially recommended as a powerful astrological remedy, as well as a spiritual practice and meditation technique. A mantra is a sound formula, either a syllable, a word or a combination of words, that when repeated enough times with the right intonation, devotional feeling and concentration of the mind, has the capacity to change the vibrations on the astral body, neutralizing or changing the negative effects of the adverse planetary influences.
The mantras are sounds discovered or “heard” by the Rishis on deep meditation states. No one can “invent” a mantra. The Vedic Rishis and Yogis understood the process of creation of the world in form of sound vibrations. Everything in the universe has a particular sound vibration, which can be heard in meditative states. Thought itself is nothing but sound, in a particular wavelength. Each thought has not only a particular sound, but also a corresponding shape, colour, size and weight.

Sound and form go together. Besides each form or shape there is a sound vibration, a name, and vice versa. The Sanskrit alphabet was made from the sound heard on the different chakras and Nadis (astral tubes), and that’s why the mantras are in Sanskrit language.
Mantras are actually, what the Sanskrit language is made of. When mantra is repeated correctly, it activates those nadis and chakras. Repeating a mantra is therefore a way we can manipulate and change the vibratory level on our astral body and activate the kundalini Shakti or spiritual transformational power.

Each Planet also have a vibratory level and sound associated. All the actions and thoughts, the karmas that we have created on the past, even past lives, create a particular type of sound and colour pattern in our mind and astral body. The sound and colour pattern in our astral body is what attracts the life events. In what we think, we become . According to the vibration of astral body we will attract a material situation, a life experience related to that vibration. The positions of the planets at the moment of birth and their continuous movement, transits and periods of influence (dashas) affect our mind and astral body, triggering, amplifying and releasing those past impressions of the karmas into an actual experience, which makes the different life situations manifest in different ways at different times.

So, by repeating a mantra we can invoke a high and positive level of astral energy that can neutralize and change the negative patterns. Each planet has one or more Mantras which when repeated help to transform their negative effect into the positive one . It is like “healing ” the effect of that planet on our astral body.

Yagyas and Poojas

Yagyas and poojas are traditional forms of vedic worship to specific Deities or planets. This method of astrological remedy is emphasized on the classical Jyotish scriptures. God is the ultimate controller of the planets and dispenser of karma, and everything is possible under his/her grace. There is a very advance knowledge in the vedic tradition about how to invoke a specific Diety or one of the manifestations or powers of God through the proper ritual and mantras.
By this act, the Deity representing the planet is invoked, invited to come and is served by offerings of a special seat, food, flowers, clothing, water, milk, ornaments, jewels, light, fire , incense, and other sacred objects. There are specific powerful mantras in the form of Vedic hymns for invoking those energies. T he sincerity of the worshipper in wanting to purify his mind and ego is very important. The Pooja is simpler ritual that any person with a little training and sincere intention can do, whereas the Yagyas are more sophisticated and elaborate rituals which should be conducted by a traditional Vedic priest , who does the offerings and rituals in the name of worshipper.

Austerities and Fasts

One way of astrological remedy is to do certain form of austerities. Austerities or “tapas” is a form of accepting voluntarily a penance or self-restraint, in order to pay a karmic debt. Tapas strengthen the mind, will power and capacity to endure any difficulty in life. It takes the mind away from the duality of “like and dislikes”, Raga Dwesha. Tapas activates the “Tejas” or five element in the mind and body, which bestows inner strength, sharp mind and the capacity to achieve any desired situation and overcome any difficulty in life. Instead of trying to avoid any form of pain at all means, which is what the mind usually does, the yogis takes upon himself some challenge to become stronger. Tapas can be especially powerful to counteract any negative influence form Saturn or to strength the Mars or Sun energies if weak on the birth chart.


As many diseases are caused through our body or mind’s imbalances, Gemstone can be of enormous benefit to health. In gem therapy, spherical gemstones/ crystals assist in breaking up patterns in the physical and non-physical (emotional and mental) bodies, thereby getting to the cause of disease, thus healing mind, body and spirit.
Each gemstone has its own unique rhythm, character, chemical and mineral content and therefore has its own magnetism. The rate at which a gemstone’s energy fills an aura is cyclic. Each cycle begins when gemstone energy pours into a layer of aura. This flooding continues until the aura’s corresponding body responds to the effects of the energy and this response creates a reshuffling of balancing energy bringing about a change for the better.


When planet creates an affliction on the chart, one way to counteract it by offerings or donation of items related to the planet, to a person related to the planet on the day of week ruled by that planet. Finally, only Devotion and total surrender to God, removal of the ignorance of Ego and realization of the Self as Atman can be the real remedy for any karmic suffering.

Astrology Vinayak Bhatt

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt provides India’s best Remedial Programs like- yagya, Mantras, Yantras, Yagyas and pooja, Gemstones, Donation, Austerities and fasts. He belongs to Bangalore and practiced astrology under the guidance of south and north. He is highly educated and well known astrologer. He has completed the research work in variety of topics in vedic science.
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