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What is Vedicgrace Astrology Program

Vedic Astrology Astrology program—A science and technology through which we can know past, present, and future. Vedic astrology derives its strength and inspiration from Vedas, repositories of knowledge & wisdom, and hence called Vedic Astrology. There are about 30 shlokas on astrology in Rig-Veda, 44 in Yajur-veda and 162 in Atharva-veda. Our sages of yore further developed Puranas, classics and commentaries on them to illustrate various aspects of astrology and human life. The saints/seers did not dwell merely out of intellectual curiosity. They wanted to understand law of nature and enlighten the path of others. Astrology deals with genesis of celestial bodies including galaxies, constellations (Nakshtras) and planets on terrestrial beings. These bodies rotate in the cosmos strictly following their own laws and the planets throw cosmic rays on one another through varied electro-magnetic forces.
The astrology is a science where in addition to the knowledge of vedic astrologers, his intuition and the divine help play a great role. Unlike other physical sciences, it is not possible here to announce a verdict based on a few planets & houses. In every case a holistic view of the entire chart or horoscope reading and the strength of the chart and various planets & houses and their association & aspect on one another must be taken into consideration before one can say anything about delineation of a particular aspect of a native’s life. The astrology is a science to interpret the logic of planetary movement and impact of their composite gravitational & electromagnetic pulls and configurations in outer space.

With the help of this divine science ,our best astrologer in delhi can solve your all problems astrologically and can also suggest effective remedies.

The great scientist of modern age, Albert Einstein has said that,“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge .It taught me many things and i am greatly indebted to it .Geophysical evidence reveals the powers of the stars and planets in relation to the terrestrial .In turn ,astrology reinforces the power to some extent. This is why astrology is like a life giving elixir to mankind.”
The nature of planetary combinations or yogas, and the nature & strength of planets constituting the Yogas affect the individual in very mysterious manner. The different houses in the natal chart and planetary positions therein, influence a native in almost all facets/relationships of life. The unique feature of the Vedic astrology is the use of planetary dasha & transit, to get the timing for fructification of any result / occurrence of any event.

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Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt provide astrology services like- Astrologer consultancy, Yagya etc. He has studied about Vedic science from childhood and practicing with his father and under the guidance of “Maharishi Mahesh”. His researches and works are considered vital and have produced astonishing result. He belongs to Brahman family from Bangalore. He learned about the law of nature, Remedies, Divine culture and universe very deeply. He writes many number of books which is based on the planet position.

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