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Yantra to eliminate Stomach Pain

Yantra [Talisman] to eliminate Stomach agony

This is a Yantra [Talisman] to eliminate Stomach agony. The Indian Tantras recommend this Yantra as one of the talismans to get respite from stomach agony. Those pain from this status can practice this Yantra or those whose family members or associates are experiencing intolerable agony can try this paranormal wellbeing remedy on them.

This Yantra has to be drawn on a Copper Plate as shown in the likeness. Any edible substance like Milk can be utilised to compose this Yantra, utilising any sharp wooden attach as a writing instrument.

Then a little bit of clean drinking water has to be filled in the plate and this water has to be granted to the sufferer to drink.

This is all that has to be finished; there is no infusion method or any Mantra – Tantra involved for the use of this Yantra.

Note- Not to be utilised as a restoring for any kind of health treatment, in writing specifically for the followers of Indian Tantra.

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