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Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Vedic Astrology is an antiquated Indian science which clarifies planetary movements and positions as for time and their impacts on people and different entities on Earth. Vedic Astrology has not been tentatively thought up, yet rather created through dynamic  thinking by an old sage Parasar, the first creator fo the Vedic writings and that is the reason this scientific art has been said in the Vedas also. Brought down through eras, it includes utilizing a novel arrangement of sub-divisional charts and dasas that depends on an individual’s date, time and place of birth, which if read by a prepared Vedic astrologer can give amazing results.

Best astrologer in Delhi
Best Astrologer in Delhi

Vedic Astrology examination takes up on the law of Karma, which expresses that whatever a person does, the impacts of it returns to them. Accordingly, viewed as prescient in nature, Vedic Astrology can demonstrate when the outcomes of such previous activities will come to satisfaction in the present life. Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt has the novel aptitude of examining the impacts of this specific science on a man’s life. He has accomplished over 25-year scientific research has built up that a sufficiently large group of uniquely prepared peacekeepers can raise the level of coherence and harmony in global collective consciousness and turn the tide towards peace for the whole world. Our precise procedure includes vedicgrace Yagya and gemstone remedial program.

Vedicgrace helps to reduce the future problem through the prediction. We resolve the problems like-career and business, marriage and relationship, education, family problem, health problem. Vedicgrace is the Centre where we provide the various kind of services like- Horoscope, Yagya, rudrabhishek, Manglik Dosh solution, Havan, meditation, puja remedy.

Vinayak Bhatt, the best astrologer in Delhi and all over the world national and international is broadly perceived as the world’s foremost Vedic researcher and scientist of consciousness of the present day period. He is famous for instructing the Meditation Program, the most altogether looked into and successful procedure for self-improvement. He has committed years to reestablishing the Vedic knowledge of health care, education, human services, engineering in their virtue and completeness. The down to earth programs that he created in these regions offer everyone everywhere the full promise of life- life in peace, wealth and great wellbeing. He has also written books on astrology in over 10 languages.

His goal is using astrology to make a life purpose chart, to help you turn out to be more mindful and confident about your identity destined to be, and what you were destined to do and what you will do.  He predicts Dasha , Shani Sadesati, Nakshatra Phal, Rashi, Grahas, Gocharas, Bhavas, Varshphala.  This is based on a person’s sun sign.  According to the astrology if any planet is auspicious and strong then the results of that planet will likewise be great but if any planet is not in a good position then the results will be inauspicious. Vinayak Bhatt, top astrologer in Delhi has created personal profile to answer the questions of thousands of people.

Power of Astrology by Top Astrologer in Delhi NCR

Astrology is an inconceivable tool of self-disclosure, regardless of how far you choose to take it. On the off chance that life appears like a progression of good for nothing occasions, astrology can be a consoling sign that may be things happen for a reason. It can sparkle light on internal disagreements and natural strengths. As a guide of the mind, the birth chart is a manual for self-understanding that never quits uncovering new layers of knowledge. Astrology has the power to change the life situation and destiny. In Delhi, people are facing various kinds of problems like-career, business, education etc. So Astrology provides accurate  solution, it is just a guideline which can change the whole life. There are three parts to any birth chart- planet, sign and house. There is a mixing that happens in astrology that includes those three.  We provide you the best Astrologer in Delhi.

Vedic Astrologer in Delhi

Vedic Astrology is nothing else except for an endeavor to evaluate the destiny of a man in order to give him or her some essential guidelines. Vinayak Bhatt is one of the best astrologers in Delhi and all over the world. His personalized horoscope forecast is rendered with assurance of quality, credibility also on top most priority according to Indian Vedic Astrology. You can benefit our astrology service from any edge of the world. At this time jyotshi Vinayak Bhatt is the famous leading best astrologer in Delhi. He builds the name by his own knowledge of astrology. He learnt about Vedic astrology under the guidance of “Maharishi Mahesh yogi” and other south and north Astrologers. He will help you to achieve great success by using Astrology as a base and providing practical solution while dealing with the dilemmas of your life. Analysis provided by our astrologer include positional, planetary friendship, planetary strength (Shadbala, Ishta Phala and Kashta Bhala), Bhava Bala, Kuja Dosha Check and Planetary War.


He predicted right remedies by his great knowledge and experience. Astrology totally depends on trust if people trust on power which exists in the world so defiantly this power can change their life.He can help you to resolve many problems and issues in your life such as- Career Guidance, Political Astrology, Health Remedy, Wealth Management, Match Making, Energy Balance very accurately through the Vedas, Yagya, Pooja, Meditation, Mantras, Gem stones etc. You can ask us any question that is important to you. Allow us to serve you with very accurate of the predictions and let the remedies reach you at your comfort.

In today’s scenario, it is hard to imagine that anybody is with no issue. A man who might have billions however in the event that he has no children, then for whom he will win for, or if he is not enjoying a happy and healthy life, he cannot be a happy person at all. Then again a man having no cash or no house is honored with kids. On the off chance that somebody has children he cannot bear to teach them. Every one of these issues and ailments is the result of one’s Karmas in the past birth or present life. A man’s birth chart obviously portrays the issues he needs to confront. These issues are laid out as planetary distresses. Our antiquated saints and soothsayers built up the idea of therapeutic measures to relieve and by and large to invalidate the impacts of the evil affliction and malefic impacts of the planets. They created cures like utilization of Gem Stones, Mantras, Japas, Homas, Poojas, Donations, Yantras, Amulets, and Invocations and so on to deflect the evil impact of the planets.

We are here at vedicgrace.com give you the old Astrological Remedies which could give you help from the malefic impacts of the planets. We will give you a healing report which could contain all or mix of remedies examined beneath:

Gems: Gems are utilized to fortify the powerless promising planets and to reinforce the officially solid planets. For various gems distinctive metals are suggested. Every gem stone must be worn on it’s day after the due puja and chanting of appropriate mantras.

Puja: Puja could be named as activities that keep our bodies sound and free from sickness, as yoga keeps the stream of our vital energy in great condition, puja is a custom performed to keep us in congruity with the inestimable strengths, in this way expelling and beating the distresses of life and bringing spiritual advancement.

Homa: Homa is a conciliatory fire service and is an essential devotional practice. During the homa purohit offer a considerable amount of samigri or puja materials into the fire. These materials are symbol of our considerations and feelings.

Japams: If a man is not able to do each day puja, kavach patha, quick then he could name a purohit or a prepared brahmin to do a japam by chanting the required mantras for the required days for the benefit of the individual and give complete anusthan and ahuti in the holy fire. He ought to perform the Havan and offer food to the brahmins. Due to these japams the malefic impacts of the planets is destroyed, and the planets are happy and they don’t give their evil or malefic impacts.

Donations: The simplest approach to diminish the malefic impacts of planets is to donate things which are indicated or related or are preferred by the individual malefic planets. Because of this planets will reduce their malefic impacts.

Fasting: Fasts are prescribed on a particular day and on that selected day garments are worn by planet for whom the fast is kept and utilizing gem stone or Rudraksha mantras must be chanted to appease the planet . Fasts kept with the best possible japams give ten times impact to the individual who is observing the fast.

Yantras: Yantra implies a “charm”, or “instrument” or ” Kavach” which, if arranged and made by a qualified individual and in addition used under his particular guidelines for productive results, will pick up the person desires or aspiration. A Yantra is fundamental in each field of your life, to accomplish achievement in your profession, to secure riches, to avoid diseases. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a holy place in your home, looking it regular can satisfy your wishes and help in accomplishing your objectives. It is favorable to see the Yantra day by day in the morning and one ought to lit dhoop or light with ghee before the Yantra each morning. By doing this the person is honored with achievement and content.

Best Vedic Astrologer in Delhi NCR – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Contact for Astrology Consultation : Online/ Telephonic/ Personal Meetings by the Best astrologer in Delhi.

Phone: +91-9899383340

Email: info@vedicgrace.com

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  1. Advocate Mukul Rohatgi

    I won a Civil case with my employer. But a criminal case (cheque bounce) is still pending, since 2003, in High Court. I have to get money; will I get? Kindly suggest remedies to get money.

    Horary Number: 6

    • The Horary Moon has occupation in Jupiter star, the planet which is `karaka for wealth/children’; the sub-lord is Sun, which is in own star with occupation in the 2′, the house for wealth….thus reflecting the query to be regarding ‘money matter’. Jupiter is associated with the node Rahu in the 5th house, a house of profit for the opponent. This combination is under aspect from the 11th lord, which has association of 8th lagna lord, and both of them are under retro-motion. This is indicative of the hindrances/ difficulties faced in getting the matter resolved. The 11th cuspal point is held by Saturn and is associated with Mars, a planet for dispute/contest. The 6th cuspal sub-lord, the node Rahu, is associated with Jupiter, a planet standing for judicial matters, is holding the cuspal point for ascendant also, and is placed in Leo denoting involvement of government/Sun. The Horary planetary picture thus indicates that there is an ongoing law process regarding dispute. The 6th cuspal sub-lord through its tenancy in the star of 2″ lord, assures a positive outcome. The aspect from Saturn suggests that `the eligible full amount may not be got / it will be received in installments’ ; since Jupiter and Sun are involved, through judicial process, involving government, the amount will be received by the querist which will be during the second week of October,2019. Mr. M.D. Rajendran. Chennai: I am in a dilemma Whether to sell the old flat and buy a new one in a distant place, or wait for a re-construction joint venture (i.e. re-developing our apartment complex along with the next door flat complex). Horary Number: 84. Horary Moon owns the 12th cusp ( to sell off and invest on, at a far off place ) and occupying the 8th (indecision), in the star of Mercury, a dual planet, placed in a dual sign, indicating the `indecisive mind’/vacillating mind; Mercury is in the star of Mars, the karaka for ‘building’ , reflecting the Question. The 11th lord is Mercury, placed in the llth ( house of profit), but its star lord Mars is retrograde, on the date of Horary chart, cast for the reading. Mars comes out of this state on 30th June. Sub-lord for both, the Moon as well as the 11th cusp, is the node Ketu, which represents both Saturn and Jupiter, the two slow-moving planets. Of these, Saturn is in retrogression, till mid August. The node, Ketu is sub-lord for the ascendant too and is under aspect from the 10th cuspal sub-lord Jupiter. Horary dasa is that of Mercury and the bukthi, that of Venus, effective till third week of July 2019. This period is good to net a good price, if sale is effected.

  2. My nephew’s marriage negotiations are getting failed till date. When is he likely to get married?

    DOB: 01-DEC-1980
    TIME: 13:10 HRS

    • The native’s 7th lord Jupiter is posited in the 4th, along with 8th lord Saturn and 2nd lord Moon, a maraka. Mars as the functional malefic has occupied the 7* house, not aspected by any benefics. All the planets are hemmed in- between Rahu and Ketu. 5th lord occupying the 5th house is a much desirable factor here. Currently, the native is passing through Jupiter-Jupiter period. Jupiter is both a Badhaka and maraka too, for Gemini ascendants. Nothing fruitful can be expected during this period. Saturn bhukti starts in April 2018. Saturn also cannot do much favors, as it is both the 8th and 9th lord. Moon in conjunction with Saturn, in general, indicates a quite adverse fate. His life will be like an obstacle race. Have faith in God. Visit the temple of the Family deity as often as possible. Prayers can move mountains.

  3. How are the educational prospects?
    JUP SAT MERC SUN VENUS 24 MAY 1999 13:15 bra. RAHU Nay’ Mumbai KETU RASI CHART LAGNA MARS MOON (ft Moon Rehu 6 44 3 aec Venue g 11 Saturn 10 Ketu 12 Jupiter

    • 4th lord Mars has occupied the 3rd house, in retrogression. 5th lord is posited in the 8th. These are not much desirable dispositions. Additional care to be given, in matters of education. Second lord Mercury occupying the 10th house, in conjunction with the ascendant lord Sun (Budha Aditya yoga) can be of good help. Also Jupiter aspecting the Moon, the controller of mind, is a great positive factor. If channeled properly, moderate achievements in education is possible. You are currently passing through Sade-sati. Worship of Saturn can reduce the afflictions.

  4. My son’s marriage is getting delayed. Will he get wealth through marriage? What is his suitable gem?

    DOB: 14-JAN-1991
    TIME: 4:00 HRS

    • The native’s 7th lord Venus is posited in the much- desible 10th house, which can give an ‘earning’ partner. But it is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu, and also the functional malefic Saturn. So. the positive results may get reduced to some extent. 9th lord Jupiter and 4th lord Moon are in Parivartana, which can bestow on the native properties and comforts.
      Currently the native is passing through Sun-Ketu period. Also he is under the first leg of Sade-sati period. So delay cannot be avoided. The year 2018 will confer on him the real marital bliss. Ruby can suit him well.

  5. When will my conveyance happen? Will the Dr. Person relent and help me? There are 4 other parties, who also have refused to sign? Is there any remedy for this?

    Horary Number: 156

    • Since your question was related to documents obtainable from others, Moon showed link to houses 9 and 3, along with 8, 11 and 10. The cuspal sublord of the house of success showed full linkage with houses 3, 9 and 11. So, your documents will be received, but due to link to houses 2 and 8, there will be some outflow of money to obtain this. The period from March 2010 to September 2010 appears favorable in this regard. As the Horary contained too many questions for a single number, not much help was received.

  6. I lost large amounts of money in share market in the last two years. When will I recover the losses? Please suggest remedies also to get profit from the share market.

    Horary Number: 68

    • Moon was reflecting houses 6 and 12 along with 5, showing the genuineness of your query. In the Prasna chart, the 11th cusp sub-lord was Mercury in the star of Sun and sub of Venus. These planets indicated through their connections that in the zeal to recover the losses, you will invest more. Aspect of Mars on Mercury with links to 7 and 12 showed that there will be more thoughtless investments. But the chart indicated that very minor income will accrue to you compared to the heavy investments. Please do not invest any further, but wait patiently for the market to recover. Your current losses may not be fully recovered however.

  7. Priyanka Sharma

    My time of birth is not known. DOB: 21st Sept. 1973, POB: Trivandrum, Important events in my life: Marriage on 20th October 2002. I faced obstacles in my education during 1991.

    • During rectification, the Lagna RPs were Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu and Moon RPs were Venus- Jupiter-Saturn as the sign, star and sub lords respectively. The day-lord was Mars and Rahu represented Saturn. Your day of birth is Friday and its lord Venus was present in our RP. Since you have no clue about your birth time, the RP Lagna sub lord indicated through Kalapurusha Tattwa that you were born between 4:00 pm to 12 in the midnight. But birth Moon was in Mithuna, till 7:12 pm and then went to Karkataka. We did not take Mithuna since Mercury did not match with RP. Also birth Moon sign lord Moon was connected well with RP. Narrowing down, we get the correct time at 10:36:17 pm in Vrishabha Lagna in 15 deg 39 mins 17 sec with Placidus House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 23-24-00. My Rule of Origin was fully satisfied and it was seen that during your marriage, you were running the period Mercury-Moon-Sun. All these planets were signifying 2, 5, and 11 house. The only significator of the 7th house—Mars- was aspecting Moon. In 1991, you had to have a education difficulty, because you were then running Saturn-Rahu period and both were signifying 8 and 2 houses.

  8. Sachiin J Joshi

    When will I be able to repay the housing loan?

    Horary Number: 156

    • During Prasna analysis, Moon was well connected to houses2, 5, 6, and 8, showing your genuine urge. In the Prasna chart, the 6th cusp sub-lord was Mars in Rahu’s star and Moon sub. These planetary linkages to the main and secondary houses indicated that all your loans will be cleared. But this will take a very long time. At least up to 2013, you will be repaying your loans. Threats from collection agents are not ruled out. However, your job and promotion will help you to keep your commitments.


    I was born on 8th April 1937, as the second issue to my parents. The time was between 6.30 am and 6.50 am at Jamalpur, Bihar. Marriage was on 2nd June 1965. We have no children.

    • The Lagna RPs were Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury and Moon RPs were Moon-Saturn-Rahu as sign, star and sub lords respectively, with Mars as the day lord. Ketu was representing Moon. Between 6:30 am to 6:50 am, your birth Moon sub-lord only changes at 6:41 am, but Lagna star-lord changes at 6:31 am. This mismatch made me believe that that your real birth time is outside this range. Moon and Lagna RPs were matched at 6:23 am. This is your correct birth time. My Rule of Origin technique fully corroborated the corrected birth time. Your lagna came in Mesha at 11 deg 08 min 33 secs with Placid us House Division and KP Old Ayanamsa value of 22-53-28. Strangely enough, your horoscope has the 5th sign (signifying children) without the 5th cusp. The 5th cusp is displaced from Leo (a barren sign) to Cancer. signified 12, 8, 3, and 11. It is only because of the 3rd house that you are still alive after the accident.

  10. Is marriage promised in my horoscope?

    DOB: 15-MAY-1966
    TIME: 21:40 HRS

    • Jupiter, posited in the 7th, is aspecting its own house, the lagna. 7th lord Mercury is posited in the 5th house, with the 5th lord Mars. Prospects for marriage are quite bright in your horoscope. Marriage might be an UN-conventional one. Aspect of Saturn (the 2nd and 3rd lord) to the ascendant generally inflicts a lot of obstacles and delays in life. Rahu and Ketu in 6/12 axis are quite favorable. You will win over the enemies and tide through the difficulties. You will develop interest in spiritual pursuits and social service. The Almighty will confer marital bliss on you. You are currently running Venus mahadasa and the 9th lord Sun’s bhukti, which will last till June 2011; this is a promising period to put adequate efforts for marriage.

  11. Dr. Vineet Sood

    I want to settle down in life. I have completed MBBS. I could not get any job….

    Horary Number: 190

    • The desire of the querist is not explicitly expressed here, but put down as a statement, and left to our inference: ‘securing a job to earn to settle in life’.
      The Horary Moon, by occupying the 10th, in the star of the node Rahu, which is in 8, and in the sub of Sun, owning house 8, with the ascendant cuspal lord too occupying the 8th, is thus indicative of the query: hurdle faced in securing an earning status.
      The sub-lords for both, 10th and 6th cusps, Jupiter and Venus respectively, are under aspect from Saturn the lagna lord owning the 2nd cusp . Saturn is throwing its aspect on lagna as well….these indicate inordinate delay in securing an earning status. Lagna cuspal sub-lord is Jupiter, a slow-moving planet, coming under the aspect from Saturn, the lagna lord, now in retrogression, again indicating delay. Since Ketu is under aspect, from the 11th lord which is now in retro-motion and in association with the lagna lord, with strong significations of house. 11 and 2, map of the heaven of this Horary, indicates : after the unavoidable delay, he ‘ will secure a job’. The native can expect the clouds to lift, during the second week of January-2017.

  12. What can I do to not get super frustrated at work?

    • Frustration comes with persistent unrealistic expectations. Somewhere along the line, you got some ideas about the way things are supposed to go that are inconsistent with reality. You’ve made a mistake, or a chain of mistakes, in assigning your expectations. If you are capable of a high level of metacognotion, you can pin down the things that bug you and ask yourself if you just aren’t being very savvy in your evaluations of situations. Adjust your unreasonable expectations, and less friction, i.e. frustration, will spoil your day.

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