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Venus in the 8th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This position of Venus needs careful examination, as practicing astrologers very often come across cases of maladjustment between husband and wife or between lover and beloved.

The question of extra-marital affair or casual physical relationship might crop up under Venus in 8th house.

(A close friend of the authors, to whom a portion of the draft manuscript of this book was shown, suggested that explicit language regarding relationship between man and woman should be avoided. However, should this advice be followed, it would be unfair to the scientific exposition of the subject)

This point is brought up here because it is important to mention in this context that many a time, differences and dissatisfaction crops up in married life from one partner refusing to adopt certain unconventional methods in the physical relationship. It can happen even between lovers. If a soft star like Mercury or Jupiter is in conjunction with Venus in the 7th house, these misunderstandings do not assume seriousness and the couple understand things and come to mutual adjustment.

However, if Mars, Saturn, or Rahu is with Venus in the 8th house, mutual understanding and adjustment is elusive sometimes beyond amendment, with each partner sticking to his/her stand.

Venus on its own doesn’t give any ailment or disease relating to private parts or any other complaints of health related to sex life. But these days we hear a lot about venereal diseases and fatal sex-related diseases like HIV and AIDS in case the individual has conjunction of Mars or Saturn with Venus in the 8th house.

However if it is Rahu with Venus in the 8th, the ailment would not stay for long and be cured with continuity in treatment and preventive care.

One very typical point has to be noted about Venus in the 8th house and that is, that a man with Venus in the 8th house, either has extra capacity to satisfy the female partner in bed, or on the other extreme, is unable to satisfy most the time.

If an individual has Saturn and Venus in conjunction in the 8th house, the individual avoids to bother about the extra-marital affair of the spouse.

However, sometimes, even when both are secretly involved in extra-marital relationships, the more violent of the two (husband and wife) would attempt physical attack on the other which may lead to fatal injuries in some case. Otherwise, bashing one another in fits of rage could be a common; rarely would one be at the receiving end of the other!

Venus in the 8th house attracts an individual in business and trade towards hoarding of medicines, long cloth and allied items, ghee, sugar, cotton and cotton seed with intention of profiteering during times of paucity or short supply owing to restrictions on import. The individual has no hesitation on indulging in smuggling, over-invoicing and under-invoicing in import/ export trading.

If it is Saturn or Rahu with Venus in the 8th house within 12 degrees, the individual might directly or indirectly be associated with flesh trade, smuggling of herbs and medicines or their extracts, smuggling of highly technical and surgical instruments.

When the Rasi in the 8th house is owned by Moon, with Venus therein, the individual is likely to suffer food poisoning, illness caused by heavy drinks or any other kind of intoxication. The individual’s life may be endangered by floods or by sea-water or by biting by any poisonous insect or rabies. Combination of Moon with Venus in the 8th house is apt to cause mental depression, mental disorder and cynical attitude.

If however Jupiter joins Venus in the 8th house, it can cause cystic fibrosis or any other allied ailment. The relief in the matter of Venus alone being in the 8th house is that ailment, illness, disease, bad habits, `viceful’ actions, anti-social or illegal activity are not carried on by the individual for long.

Venus in the 8th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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