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Venus in the 2nd House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

It is virtually normal for Venus to give decoration to residence or office premises, liking for a rich wardrobe whether the individual could afford it or not It also gives a craze for silk and soft clothes and linen, tendency for use of multi-colored items of daily use as well as items of rare use or simply for preservation. These individuals often want to have a collection of beautiful ornaments. jewelry, furniture and furnishings, garden around residence with plants giving multi-colored flowers.

If affordable, the individual would try to have silverware and items of decoration including silver frames for pictures and paintings, even use of silver thread in apparel, extra use of silver in puja or prayer room including statues and silver talisman.

However a little snag in what has been said above is that the spouse is not agreeable to likes of the individual for decoration, pomp and show. This position of differences between husband and wife sometimes directly or indirectly affects the love and relationship problems, adjust ability and sexual understanding, now and then if it is a cardinal Sign (char Rasi) in the 2nd house, and on quite regular basis if a fixed Sign (sthir Rasi) is there.

Another conflict that Venus in the 2nd house creates, though rarely, is presence of a third angle in the married life. If Venus is associated with hard stars like Mars, Saturn, or Rahu in the 2nd House, 7th or 8th house, the soft star like Venus too might play havoc with the married life, because Venus is ruler of married life as such, including sexual relations between husband and wife. With joint families virtually gone in most developed and developing countries, affording privacy to husband and wife with their own progeny, sex has come to play 80% influence in the secluded life of couples these days.

Venus in the 2nd House.

In all cases of this type the first salvo is fired by the individual, who has Venus in the 4th house, because Venus is in 8th position from the 7th house, which rules marriage and married life.

Yet another point of differences between wife and husband or lovers is over the question of drinks or habit of intoxication in either of the two, which the other partner in life or love affair doesn’t like or approve. Style of dress, upkeep of personality, present ability of face and figure too might receive, in mild tones only, critical remarks/ hints from one spouse to another.

Gains or no gains from the family of the spouse might, though very rarely, become a bone of contention between wife and husband, though this is not a matter to affect the marriage adversely.

There is sometimes general disagreement between the two about giving or receiving gifts from members of the immediate family, wider family and total outsiders, who want some favor in return for the gifts given. There are cases where the wife is more keen than the husband to receive gifts offered or given as means of gratification. These points do not create a big rift between the couple, but a sting remains in the mind of the non-agreeing spouse.

Venus in the 2nd House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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