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Venus in the 11th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

Venus gives good income with continuity, but well-earned income only, rather fairly earned income from any of the sources which have been described in the above paragraphs pertaining to the 1st house and the 10th house. This includes any branch of the fine arts including music, dance, acting, producing films and serials, practice in medical sciences, astrologer, manufacture and sale of medicines and herbs, dyeing of cotton, silk, woolen yarn, or business in cloth, yarn, ready-to-wear garments and/or wool or woolen items.

It also includes silk and silken items, production by hand looms and/or power looms or textile mills of cotton, woolen, silk cloth or that of artificial silk or of woolen waste or of jute or hessian. Sources of income made available to the individual by Venus in the 10th house would include all kinds of paper and paper products, (though not plastic items, as plastic is ruled by Jupiter).

Venus gives good-looking, sharp featured, better than average complexioned spouses to the progeny of the individual. If the stars of the concerned child are helpful, the spouse might be a doctor (in any branch of medicine or medical science or Vaidy a-system, Unani system, Hakimi system), or an actor, actress, musician, dancer, painter, photographer, with proper education and qualifications or expertise.

However it may be noted that in case the stars of the concerned child are countermanding the stars of the individual, the above rule might not apply or apply only in a casual manner. Normally the spouse of the child of the individual would have earning capacity and qualification, actually depending on the stars of the child and spouse thereof. In some rare cases, Venus in the 11th house brings to the individual an enemy of the individual’s enemy for establishing friendly relations with the individual, making true the saying that An Enemy’s Enemy is a Friend’.

In the modern world of quick break-ups of marriages made on earth itself (Heavens doesn’t have scope now for providing life partners for more than two billion human beings), Venus creates adaptability in the mind of the spouse of the individual for step children of the previous marriage of either or of both. Venus gives politicians and to persons working in the field of films and fine arts a typical greed for the money, assets and property of the spouse, notwithstanding the legal position in the matter.

Venus gives or at least creates the ground for, differences between the mother of the individual and spouse(s) of the child of the individual, which means differences between grandmother and granddaughters-in-law or grand sons-in-law. It happens rarely but in case Venus is alone in the 11th house and owns the 4th, 5th or the 11th house, this situation is very much possible, though it might last for a short while owing to separate living of grandparents and of grandchildren after their marriages.

In case the individual or any member of the immediate family of the individual is given to drinks or use of drugs (including Bhang, Ganja etc.), Venus gives the individual a tendency to drink or have drugs at the cost of others.

Venus in the 11th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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