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Venus in the 10th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

The individual has presentable personality and manner of talking, has expertise in or at least liking for any of the fine arts, painting, music, acting, photography, poetry, and is quick in making friends with unknown persons and foreigners. The individual has taste for imported items even if indigenous products of better quality are available, fond of good company or the company of the opposite sex.

The individual has soft and radiant skin, and makes gestures while talking or extra gestures while dancing. The individual avoids hard games and sports that might cause injury, but in case Mars, Saturn or Rahu is in the 3rd or the 11th house, the individual becomes fond of gambling through chess or card games. He or she might indulge in speculation based on rains and  rainy season or on floods and drought, and in rare cases, would indulge in betting at horse races, if facilities exist in the town or city of residence.

These individuals are very fond of trying to know famous actors, actresses, singers and instrumental musicians. Some of them with Mercury in the 5th or the 7th house derive pleasure in talking about romances and bragging about own achievements and failures in no-strings-attached-love and romance.

The individual earns livelihood from any of the subjects mentioned above or the subjects mentioned under Venus in the 1st house. It would sound funny, but sometimes these individuals try to live as parasites on income of wife or other female members of the family of self or spouse. This is particularly true in case Venus has its Rasi (Taurus or Libra) in the 6th or the 12th house, with no hard planet in the 6th or the 11th house.

However if Venus has its Rasi in 1st, 4th, 5211, 9th  10th or 11th house, the individual would earn livelihood from working for multinational companies or for any foreign firm or Embassy etc. The individual could also earn by trading with foreign countries or by catering to the needs of the foreigners/ artisans/ artists, medical world.

Another main source of income could be functioning as a doctor, Vaidya or Hakim or curing patients by spiritualism, or running a business in medicine manufacturing or selling or manufacture or sale of musical and medical instruments. It goes without saying that Venus in the 10th house gives better success to all individuals in the medical line or in chemist and druggist business.

Mercury in the 12th House

Another profession normally given to the individual by Venus in the 10th house is that of working as a career diplomat or politician diplomat or bureaucrat-diplomat, roving ambassador, or getting a job in any outfit of the United Nations or Commonwealth Secretariat. If Jupiter is in conjunction with Venus in the 10th house or Jupiter is situated in the 4th or 7th house, working for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank is also very likely for the individual.

One point has to be noted that Venus in the 10th house gets an individual support from the opposite sex in getting a job or getting promotions in the job so long as the job is in any one of the lines described in the preceding paragraph. It should be noted in the same breath that any harm could also flow to the job or status or prestige from the opposite sex itself, irrespective of the fact whether the individual is a man or woman.

If any soft planet is in the 6th house or a hard planet is in the 8th or the 12th house, the individual should stay faithful to the spouse in physical intimacy or chances of a infection of a sex-oriented disease. This restriction is all the more applicable to those who use their official position as bait for enchanting the opposite sex.

These individuals get easy chances to travel abroad if a watery Sign (Cancer, Pisces, or Aquarius) is in the 10th house, and Venus has favourable relationship with the owner of the 10th house, i.e. Kendra or Trikona relationship. This is irrespective of the fact whether the lord of the 10th house is a friend or an enemy of Venus.

Venus in the 10th house with malefic influence on it from Mars, Saturn or Rahu in the 3rd or 5th 9th or 11th house might veer an individual towards smuggling activities, if not actively and directly, then at least indirectly. If nothing else, the individual might help in manufacture, storage, transmission and sale of these contrabands. If one hard planet is in any of these houses mentioned here and another hard planet be in the 12th house, the individual is likely to be booked for offence connected with smuggling, some time of the other. Another activity connected with the same position of stars is trade in flesh, managing or helping in running a brothel, or trade in call girls (or call boys, which is also assuming the shape of a trade in some white and developed countries). However in this matter, booking of the individual by any law agency would confront him or her, only if Jupiter is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. Yet another result of Venus in the 10th house is that the individual would not hesitate in using the influence or personality or connections of the mother, step mother, adopting mother or any woman of the status of a mother for furthering the individual’s prospects in profession, job or business.

However the scope of such use or misuse is very limited and restricted in self-employment One special point to be noted with reference to the 10th house is that in respect of every House (other than the 10th house) in the Birth-chart, the elements of mahadasa, antardasa, transit of slow moving planets and the position of stars (with special emphasis on Muntha in the Yearly-chart) count a lot. In case of 10th house these elements assume much greater importance and relevance for determining progress and prospects, or even run down in source of income, and also for fixing the periodicity of progress or run down taking place.

Venus in the 10th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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