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The Veda Essence – RigVeda

The Veda Essence and Rigveda by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt
The Veda Essence and Rigveda by Vinayak Bhatt, is one of most extensive researched book on rigveda , which is continuation book of The Veda Essence.

The Vedic literatures are divided into two parts: the srutis and the smrtis. The srutis are the four Vedas: Rig, Sama, Atharva and Yajur, and the Upanisads, and the smrtis are the Puranas like the Mahabharata, which includes Bhagavad-gita. The conclusion of all these is that one should know his cosmic consciousness  as the Supreme Personality of Godhead .

This book is one of its kind, in this book you will find the scientific evidence of Rigveda.

Some silent features of this book:-

  • Evidence of existence of veda.
  • Ancient and Modern civilization.
  • Rigveda and the origin.
  • Rigveda and myths.
  • Rigveda and Physics.
  • Rigveda and Human Physiology.
  • Rigveda and consciousness.
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