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Sun in the 9th House | Sun in the Ninth House of Horoscope


It is important to keep in mind the subject concerned with the 9th house according to Indian system of astrology, especially that of North India. The variation is that in South India system and some of the Western Systems, everything relating to father is attributed to the 9th house, which is not correct. No doubt the 9th house rules father’s money and losses, any kind of cheating to father or punishment to father, but not father’s longevity and other general matters relating to him. Admitted that inheritance of assets or liabilities from father (or for that matter even from paternal grandparents) is the subject of the 9th house. Similarly good luck or bad luck, good name or bad name, happy or unhappy relations with grandparents and with wider family including uncles and aunts etc are covered by the 9th house.

Except for those in government service or in active politics or in management of social and religious institutions, Sun stays, more or less, neutral to the 9th house. Sun leaves a majority of subjects related to the 9th house to the Rasi in 9th and position of its lord in birth-chart and its Navamsha, as also on other planets in the 9th house. Therefore combination of other planets with Sun in 9th house is all the more important.

Sun in 9th house generates a touch of distrust between or among partners in business, industrial venture, profession, or even in criminal activity of any kind. If there are more than two actively working partners, generally grouping takes place as soon as the source of income takes steady roots, and proceeds on path of driving profits. This groupism ultimately leads to dissolution or driving out one or two partners not belonging to the more powerful or effective group. More often this process continues driving partners out till only two of them are left in the field. It happens that those who walk out or get driven out of the partnership are often the losers, because rarely they are paid or allowed to take out s equivalent to real value of their portion of the partnership.


Sun when alone in the 9th house grants better fortune to active politicians, deemed social workers and government employees. Others have to depend on their own work, results in terms of income depending on the quality and quantum as also demand and supply position in the field.

In wider family, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters of spouse, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law often suspect the intentions of the juniors in age or status, with or without reason. It happens that a sister-in-law or brother-in-law or cousin, on their own make romantic advances towards the individual, if the latter person responds favourably and quickly, direct or indirect complaints are made to the elders against the individual. At the same time if no response is made, the individual is considered coward, discourteous and heartless. A tricky and rather risky game indeed!

When directly concerned with management of any social, religious, charitable institution or formation, firstly these individuals do much less work themselves and make a greater show of their work, secondly they do not miss any opportunity to interfere with the work and working of others. In matters of donations and contributions in cash or kind, they are nearer to miserliness than being liberal.

In regard to inheritance from father or from one generation above father’s level, others in the family or any kind of relationship make efforts to give these individuals less than their due share. But with unofficial help and support from government employees, these individuals manage to get their due share in full, and sometimes, by adopting various ways and means, cut an extra slice from the share of others.

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