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SUN IN THE 12 HOUSES OF HOROSCOPE – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


Sun is deemed to be the king, chief or head among all planets. The reason is not far to seek. Sun is the brightest of all planets. i It gives us life through its light, and rest at the night through its absence. It causes rains without which human, animal and plant life would be no more. It reflects its light to the Moon.

If the term ‘epicenter’ be used, Sun is the epicenter of our visible universe. All planets including the Earth revolve around it. As far as humans are concerned, it is the epistemology of our knowledge, wisdom and experience.

During a Lunar eclipse, one does not find the animal life disturbed, perturbed, or restless; but during Solar eclipse, the entire animal life becomes terribly restless, as if it is the end of life, end of Earth is on the verge.

One must have noticed that life can exist, and it does exist, under extreme heat, but it is difficult to survive in extreme cold (absence of sunlight). As an example, compare the population in areas near Equator (extreme heat) and areas near South Pole and North Pole (extreme cold). Light and heat granted by Sun are the main cause of this vast difference.

It is not without reason that our entire system is called the SOLAR SYSTEM, instead of Mercury System, or Venus System, which are so close to Earth, or even perhaps Lunar System.

To check for Signs of life in humans (and in animals), the body warmth (temperature) is checked, and the warmth is caused and given by Sun.

No other planet is so regular in its rising and setting as Sun is and that is why our entire time system is based on Sun. In every country on earth, day is linked with the time of one Sun-rise to another Sun-rise. Methods of counting the monthsmay have been different during different civilisations and differ lands on the globe but again, the counting of the year is link ‘ to one particular position of Sun in the zodiac and back agai,,4 that very particular sun_suryaposition in the zodiac. The solar year (4’3,4) Indian System and the counting of the year by the Pope ciregIche III system is one and the same. The only difference is that India adopted this system thousands of years ago, while the westtril system adopted it in the 16th century after Christ.

The Lunar System of counting the year has also to folio w and come in conjunction with the Solar System by adding an ext month to the Lunar System every 3rd or the 4th year Simply Pura the Lunar system has ultimately to follow the Solar System counting time and counting Years.

It is also a fact that Sun is self-luminous, while all other planets, including earth, receive light and heat from the stiN and Sun alone. The Sun contains stored heat and emits light. The’ humans discovered fire and its subsequent offshoots into electricity and power from Sun’s heat only. Fire in itself, whatever its form and shape, took and even now takes its origin from Sun’s rays and Sun’s heat.

It is not without reason that ancients in most lands on earth worshipped Sun from the very start of the human life. In India, Surya Namaskaar’ (bowing to the Sun) is prescribed with offering of water to Sun, known as `Surya Arghya’ , after every day’s prayer program.

Many parents and elders advise their youngsters to arise before Sun-rise, saying : the Sun has risen, the day has begun, the Sun is already on its job, its duty, and therefore the Sun enjoins the young people to wake and proceed with daily routine.

The earliest ancients in India have fully justifiably named the Sun as “Praha” (life-cum-soul). Heat caused by Sun gives vitality and activity to all humans and animals, and that is why our most work-activity is during the daytime. If we work at night under artificial illumination (electricity), it is an outcome of heat granted by Sun. We light our candle or lamp by a match, which too found its origin from heat of Sun.

Likewise, when Sun is alone, it is rarely extremely qi of harsh, harmful, wicked or cruel. Sun needs at least drishti (direct aspect) of another hard planet to be extra harmful. Because Sun Oct has the qualities of a Monarch or King, it gives an individual, when favourably placed in the horoscope, qualities of efficient The administrator. city For example, check the horoscope of any recruit in the Administrative Service of a country. If the recruit has entered the Service on own merit, the person, without doubt, must have a favourable placement of Sun in the horoscope.

In so far as astrology is concerned, Sun is neither wicked or cruel. As a loving parent gives punishment to an erring child, similarly, even when in an unfavourable position, Sun doesn’t cause extreme damage, harm or hurt. It does so only when in conjunction with other hard planets like Mars or Saturn (or even Rahu/ Ketu causing an eclipse combination). Why it is so? An Emperor, a King, a President, a Chieftain, a Prime Minster or even a Dictator doesn’t get up from his or her throne or seat of Power to punish a culprit. He or she orders the subordinates to mete out the punishment.

SUN IN THE 12 HOUSES OF HOROSCOPE – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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