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Sun in the 11th House | Sun in the Eleventh House of Horoscope


The 11th house is mainly concerned with Income, earnings, actual arrival of money in hand, and also mental disposal of self towards progeny, and in later life with fiance or lover or spouse of son and daughter respectively. Other subjects for 11th house are loss or gains from a brother or sister, illegitimate children, left arm, left lower ribs, left breast or left portion of chest.

Sun, at least in the case of government servants, politicians in power, officers and staff in semi-government or public sector, gives a mixture of honest and dishonest income in cash or kind. Even if a government servant is honest, corrupt persons seeking favors make him or her dishonest. An example would make the point clear.

An officer in the rank of Commissioner of Income Tax was known for his (real, not assumed) honesty. One very rich assesses wanted a favor from this Commissioner in an unjustified appeal in his tax assessment. When the Commissioner was out of town for a whole week on official duty, this businessman went to his residence, did not disclose own identity, and returned after inquiring from the Commissioner’s wife as to when her husband was expected back in town. The businessman found 10 that even holding the rank of Commissioner, the officer had no fridge(refrigerator) at his residence. This businessman had a fridge sent to the Commissioner’s residence without disclosing the identity of even the dealer who supplied it. The unloader and pan electrician installed it in the house of the officer. His wife inquired from the electrician but could not know who had sent it. The simple reply was, “the boss had ordered it”.

On return from tour, the officer couldn’t trace who had sent it. What could the officer do! He could not put it outside his house, as it was not known as to whom to return it. After an expiry of about six months, when the businessman’s appeal was to come for hearing, he just casually enquired of the Commissioner if the fridge was working all right. Then the Commissioner came to know the source of supply. After six months use, it was not proper to return a used fridge. He sent a crossed cheque to the businessman, which naturally the businessman never encashed. The appeal had to be granted, and the innocent Commissioner sought and got his transfer to another province!

Not that it happens to be so in the case of every government servant. No, some of them, at least in India (a widely known fact that), are known to drop indirect and direct hints for gratification, like demanding precious-stone rings, jewellery for daughter’s or son’s marriage, free air passage to go abroad, etc. The senior author remembers examples from personal experience, and believes that now many officers in public dealing departments, like Income-tax, Customs, Central-Excise, Sales-tax, Police, Telecommunications, Public Works, Law Courts, Irrigation directly demand bribes 1n cash and openly haggle on the amount of the bribe. Some do so directly, while some have agents or family members as agents and conduits.


And many such corrupt officers and members of staff have their own agents and sources to secretly invest this ill-gotten money.

One such officer of the Public Works Department would often obtain loans from his own Provident Fund in office to establish is that he was honest and needed money for day-to-day expenses, while the fact was that he was running a business in Joint names of his wife and wife’s brother and was investing the loans from the Provident Fund into that business.

Sun is normally not a planet injurious to general health or any limb or part of the body, unless it is associated with some injurious planet. Sun causes at the most fever (sometimes high fever if it is harmfully placed in the yearly chart), minor and easily curable skin ailment, or tolerable type of fluctuation in blood system. Sun generally does not associate itself with disorders of the menstrual cycle in females, unless linked with Mars, Venus or Saturn or Rahu.

One point is more or less certain about Sun. It doesn’t tolerate any love affair or even casual intimate (platonic type) friendship of the child with any member of the opposite sex, be it in the school or college or in neighborhood or with an equal-aged child of a relative of the family. After the child reaches the normal age for marriage, the individual (father or mother) with Sun in 1 1th house would be willing to consider, in an unbiased manner, any marriage-oriented love affair of the child, simply on merits and demerits. One major problem in this connection is that the individual would attach due or undue importance to own family and its status as compared to that of the fiancée or the lover. However being a dignified planet, Sun is an easy surrender to convincing pleas of the child itself or of the individual’s spouse or any senior member of the immediate family, or outsider intimate friend of the individual. Therefore in a case of controversy, it is better for the child concerned to apply these sources of approach.

An individual with Sun in the 11th house is much concerned with sharp sense of self-respect. If after marriage, the individual finds that the daughter-in-law or the son-in-law is in a mood of challenge or confrontation, the individual (if a man) would with from the scene or the situation. If the individual were a woman she would first put in a fight on basis of her viewpoint, and on defeat would try to make the person opposite her to withdraw from the situation or from the joint family itself.

These individuals with Sun in 11th house would lose temper rather quickly too, but often suppress the anger and ha words, and would take resort to silence. When angry, they do shout, and later on regret it and often attempt a compromise and fresh understanding.

It is general belief that Sun gives only male children or at least a male child first of all, but it has not been founds very correct belief. Sun can give progeny of both sexes, of any sex in the first instances and secondly, getting children or their sex depends on the planets of the spouse too, because no single individual can produce a child, whatever the progress in the science of the modern world.

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