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Sun in the 10th House | Sun in the Tenth House of Horoscope


This is one of the most favorable positions of Sun in the birth-chart. Sun is Raja (King) among planets, 10th house is the Rajva-Bhava (profession, career, calling etc.) ruled by Sun (and also by Mars to an extent).

The 10th house concerns father and if Sun is there, it is beneficial to the father of the individual. Father is strict in discipline and affectionate in the same breath for such individuals. Sometimes the father is in government service or in active politics. In either case, the father finds less time to spend on upbringing of the individual, and makes it up by employing domestic servants and private tutors. The individual too serves the father very well in the latter’s old age or in any other kind of disability of the father. Even to grown up age, the individual has a kind of inner fear from father owing to father’s strict discipline in the individual’s childhood.


Father doesn’t normally interfere with married life of the individual. However father rarely approves of any love affair of the progeny upto the age of 18 years, and in case of any such development, tries his level best to put an end to it by all means and methods, direct or indirect.

In this context, remember that every individual is ruled by own planets, and the planets of the progeny or vice-versa have very little influence in the life of the other person, whatever the relationship between the two. The child can have at the most 5% influence on the planets of the father, while father has hardly 5 to 10% influence on the fate and fortune of the child, whether the father has only one child or more than one child.

The 10th house chiefly rules the question of main source of earnings and income. Therefore the matter needs to be studiedin its full perspective, with special reference to the Rasi in the 10th house, position of its lord in the birth chart and an overall study of the Navamsha chart, in case of both male and female individuals. Ancient acharyas of astrology have attached importance to the lord of the 10th house from the 10 house in the birth chart (which means the lord of the 7th house) and its position in the Navamsha chart of both males and females. The Sapta-0Varga strength of these two lords respectively of the 10th and 7th houses in the birth chart, and their relationship with the 10th house of the birth-chart has to be studied.

It is all the more important in this context tom study the influence of the 5th house, as element of education is ruled by the 5th house and its lord. Thus the planets in the 5th house as also relationship of the 5th house lord with the 5th house and also with the 10th house assumes importance while studying the career and source of livelihood of any individual.

It has been observed in several case that the individual has totally departed or separated from the education received, and has gone into totally different profession, calling, employment, business or self-employment, sometimes including active politics and social work. Thus while dealing with an individual’s source of livelihood, besides a study of the 10th house (also 7th house), in the birth chart and in the Navamsha chart, the study should include the 5th house and its lord too. The 10th house has another importance as it rules father. In several cases, the individual follows the line of livelihood of the father, for example, a lawyer’s son or daughter becomes lawyer, medical man’s son or daughter is deemed fit for medical line, and quite often best efforts are made to bring the child into father’s line of livelihood. A father having main source of livelihood from rental income from properties or from agriculture often wishes that the son or the daughter too continues in the same line of livelihood, no doubt besides other line of livelihood too.

It is in the above context that Sun in the 10th house assumes special importance (no doubt other planets too in the 10th house have similar importance). Sun is more concerned with employment under government, semi-government or public sectoror civic bodies like municipal services, or otherwise with active social and religious work (under the banner of the government or having a touch of governmental system).

As stated above, Navamsha position of Sun read with birth-chart-cum-Navamsha position of the lord of the 10th house and the Navamsha position of other planets in the 10th house will also matter with relation to the main source of earning or income of the individual (both male and female). These stars would concern themselves with the field of employment under government or semi-government department or civic body or public sector undertaking (including banks and insurance companies owned by government or working under the banner of government as in India). With regard to social work too, these associated stars would directly affect the field of activity of the individual. Even with regard to religious activity, the associated planets always have their `say’ in the matter. It is so because there are many different fields of activity and duties related to religious work. For example, such as management, finances, construction and maintenance, security of the jewellery on the deities/ statues, security of the visitors, preparation of offerings to the main deity, Preparation of prasaadam” to be given to the visitors, recitation of scriptures and arrangement of discourses, etc.

AGAIN GENERAL: The important point to be noted in this context is that above Oven are brief indications of means of livelihood, of earnings, of income for individuals. The above list is neither exhaustive nor complete. There are thousands of trades and activities that cannot be enumerated within the scope of this book. Many a subject and sources can be allied to what have been detailed above. The astrologers and amateurs in astrology have to make own rules depending on their knowledge and experience.

Reverting to Sun’s effect in 10th house, it is enough to go through the subjects listed above under Sun. Add thereto recruitment to civil services including senior cadres, working on administration side of government or semi-government establishment, on any post in bureaucracy. Working as head of government, head of County, 1 head of state (normally with designation of Governor), as Prime Minister, as member of the Council of Administration (i.e. on Cabinet), as President, as Dictator, as Chief Executive, or with any other designation while functioning as head of administration of a country. Heads of police department and defence service chiefscome under Mars and Saturn. Jupiter rules app ointments and chief judges of superior court. However in all these cases SUN is also directly concerned, because it is the head of the country or state who selects or finally approves these appointments issues necessary orders/ warrants of appointment.

Downfall from elected posts of Governors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chiefs is also covered by Sun in the 10th house. This point includes resignation, dismissal, termination, non-election for a second or third time, sudden change in system of Governance owing to revolt as was the case in Russia in 19teinl oft owing to grant of Freedom in in the case of India and Pakistan in 1947. All these changes in the head of government are ruled positively by Sun, though in association or conjunction with other planets, responsible for that particular post or portfolio. Change of government or change of system of Governance by results of war or treaty is also the concern of Sun in the 10thhouse.

However it is not possible to discuss these causes in deb as the matter depends much on the horoscope of the individual.

Some of the planetary influences which lead an individual the rank of Governor, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, President etc are given below, because it is one of the very important points connected with the 10th house:

  1. Exchange of houses between lords of the 9th and the 10th
  2. Three or more planets occupying self-owned Rasi or Rasi of exaltation (short of peak point of exaltation), provided soft planets are not in 6th, 8thor 12thhouse and hard planets are not in 4th, 5th or 9th It won’t matter if a hard planet is in the 12th house, because that position being 3rd from the 10th house is helpful for reaching a top-post or top-rank of power.

Also any of the following planet-positions:

  1. a) Lord of 4thhouse in 10thhouse and lord of 10thhouse in 4thhouse and both under direct drishti of lord of 5th or 9th
  2. b) Lords of both 5th,9th and possibly with lord of the 1st house also, occupying the 7thhouse (achievement would meanto an extent with the support of the spouse or stars of the spouse).
  3. c) Lords of 1st, 9th and 10th houses together in the 10th house.
  4. d) Lord of 4th house in the 9th house, Jupiter with Venus in 4th house, lord of 9th in 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th house.
  5. e) If lord of 2nd house is exalted (short of the peak point) and is in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house.
  6. f) Moon and Jupiter in 5th house with good strength (Moon shouldn’t be in waning state of motion).
  7. g) Waxing Moon in 1st house, Jupiter in 4th house and Venus in 10th house with strong Saturn in own Sign or in exaltation.
  8. h) Waxing Moon in 4th, 7th or loth house directly aspected by Jupiter or Venus.
  9. i) A planet in debilitation occupying its Exaltation Rasi in Navamsha.
  10. j) If Jupiter is in 1st house and Mercury in non-combust position in 1st or 4th or 7th or 10th house aspected directly by lord of the 9th house.
  11. k) Jupiter in debilitation-Rasi in 1st and lord of 9th occupying 5th, 7th or 9th house with exchange of at least 50% drishti on each other.
  12. l) Jupiter in 12th house, Sun in 3rd house and Saturn in 11th house (what Rasi these planets occupy is immaterial).
  13. m) In the Moon chart (also known as Rasi chart), Sun with Saturn in 3rd house, Mercury or Venus in 4th house and Jupiter in 11th house.
  14. n) Jupiter in 1st house, Sun is in 4th or 7th house and retrograde Venus is in 4th, 5th or 7th house.
  15. o) Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house, Jupiter in Pisces in rh house (just oosite) and Mars in Scorpio in 3 house and pp Sun in Leo in 12th house (which means Sun in 3rd position from the 10th house).
  16. p) Taurus or Scorpio in 1st house, Saturn in Capricorn in 9th house or 3rd house, and Mercury or Venus or Jupiter in the 5th house.
  17. q) If all 7 planets from Sun to Saturn are in Aries or Cancer or Libra or Capricorn.
  18. r) Leo in the 1st house, Exalted Saturn in 3rd house Taurus in 10th house and Sun in Aries (i.e. exalted) in 9th house. It is additional support if Mars is in 6th house which would mean in its Exaltation-Rasi.
  19. s) Lords of 9th and 10th house are in 1st or 4th or 7th or 10th house and Lord of 5th house is extra strong.
  20. t) If any 3 planets are in exchange of ownership Rasis or 3 are in their delibitationRasis. (Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India for a total of 16 years had three pairs of planets exchanging ownership Rasis with one another. That was the planetary influence in making her Prime Minister).
  21. u) If Aries or Cancer or Libra or Capricorn is in Ascendant and Sun, Mars and Saturn are in 3rd, 6th or l 1 th house, together or separately.
  22. v) Libra as Ascendant and Moon is in 10th house, Saturn is in 1st house and Mars is in 4th house.
  23. w) Capricorn as Ascendant and Moon in 7th house Mars in house and Saturn in 10th house.
  24. x) Cancer as Ascendant and Moon (not near its combust point) with Jupiter there.
  25. y) In Moon (Rasi) chart, if Moon is in its own Rasi (Cancer) and at least any two planets are in their own Rasis or in their Exaltation house, short of peak point.
  26. z) Aries or Cancer in Ascendant and Mars in its ownership Rasi and Jupiter in Exaltation Rasi (short of peak point).


These are some of the combinations that make an individual reach high and highest position of power in administration or judiciary or any of the defence services or even in the police set-up. It is repeated that the above-given are only a few of the combinations; there are many others, which all cannot be covered in the limited scope of this book.

As stated above, there are combinations that bring the downfall of an individual in high position of o power In this Context of elevation and downfall, it has to be of that Mahadasa and its sub-periods as also transit of long-term planets as Saturn or Jupiter or Rahu (and to some extent Ketu too) carry great importance. Transit of Sun and Mars too at the given point of time, say, elections or appointment or usurping a high post of power certainly play a very important role.

Another important point is the yearly chart (known as Varsh-phal in India) plays indeed a very important part and this has also to be noted that yearly charts cast by computer system are rarely accurate. One should depend only on manually made yearly chart by a learned astrologer, not a quack!

Then we come to Sun’s combination with other planets. In a general way, it has been the experience of many learned astrologers over centuries that excepting Saturn, no other planet proves harmful in the company of Sun in the 10th house. Saturn too helps in rise or elevation if it is in its ownership house or in its exaltation Rasi. In either case, Sun becomes weak, because Saturn is diehard enemy of Sun, and Sun in Capricorn or Aquarius loses its strength and result-giving capacity. If Libra is in 10t1 house, which is Exaltation for Saturn, it is debilitation for Sun.

It has often been observed that Sun and Saturn together bring the downfall too for the individual from the high position of power and that too in a shameful or disgusting manner, with loss of reputation.

Now in so far as the question of conjunction (combination) of Sun with other planets is concerned, the ancient acharyas of astrology have gone into detailed discussion not only of one planet’s conjunction with Sun but of more than one planet’s Combination with Sun in the 10th house. The authors of this book however have kept themselves restricted to discussion ofsun’s combination with each planet independently and separately. When there are more than one planet in the 10th house with Sun, reader are advised to read discussion of each of those planets by means of combined study of these combinations, and reach a co-ordinated conclusion.

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