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Sun and Mercury in 1st House of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

Sun and Mercury in 1st House of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

Remember that Mercury is always within a 25-degree distance from Sun, whether ahead or behind it. Therefore Mercury, unlike other planets, never suffers from combustion on account of being with Sun. Thus, whether with Sun, or ahead of Sun in the next Rashi, or behind Sun in the previous Rashi, Mercury is always effective. In this context also remembered that Mercury is a very soft planet; it never acts harshly or harmfully. Mercury is lord of intelligence and therefore also of formal education. Even when in a harmful placement, the maximum harm Mercury does to an individual is that it obstructs proper (formal) education, and gives higher education after breaks and gaps.

Being a soft planet, Mercury adds softness to the temperament of Sun, reduces to a great extent the element of irritation and anger in the individual, improves quality and quantity of formal education, increases wisdom and experience, and bestows capacity for very quick grasp of any subject taught or learnt.

Mercury with Sun in the 1st improves the complexion of the individual, gives good appearance to personality, gives high quality to written and spoken word of the individual, and depending on other helpful stars, gives the individual talent and capability for producing literature, poetry, or expertise in journalism. Generally these individuals are very good teachers, preachers, priests, orators, public speakers. But unless Mercury has the support of Jupiter, these individuals do not grow into top-level lawyers, advocates, judges, or arbitrators.

Sun and Mercury in 1st House of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

Being in the company of Sun in the 1st house, Mercury induces these individuals (or a good number of them) to join public services directly in government departments or in government-Owned formation/ organisations. And these individual prove their efficiency in table-work (as opposed to executive work), or in any orth. er line mentioned above. With the direct support of Mars from Civil 4th, 10th or 11 th house, these individuals get into senior high services of their country or into active politics, rising quite high in the field of power and position. Otherwise too, these individuals become well known for their knowledge and learning and use thereof. They are normally known as supporters of truth and straightforwardness.

Now that globe-trotting has become common and within reach, it can be taken for granted that if a water-Rashi is in the 1st house, or Sun with Mercury gets the support from Moon or Venus occupying a Water-Rashi, these individuals would get easy and repeated chances for foreign travel.

The adverse effect of Mercury is when it is retrograde., Then Mercury disturbs the educational progress, encourages use of falsehood and unfair means in life, and sometimes while speaking, forgets at the spur of the moment, the important point or argument the individual intended to make, and recalls it subsequently.

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