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While examining this position of Saturn, it has to be borne in mind that it is the 8th place from the 7th House which rules marriage, love affair, married life and relationship with spouse. Further 8lh position from any house is considered harmful to that particular house. Thus Saturn often affects the 7th house adversely, especially when Saturn is in transit over the 2nd house (which is normally after about every 28 years), or when Saturn’s mahadasa or antardasa is currently running. Whenever it is so, it is always beneficial to predictions to take into co-ordinated consideration the Saturn’s position in the Yearly-chart.

In case Saturn is unfavourably placed in the Yearly-chart too, and adverse relationship is reflected between Saturn and other stars whose mahadasa or antardasa be current during that period, special precaution and preventive measures would be needed for continuance of happy relationship between husband and wife. Steps would also be needed for prevention of any health problem to the spouse. Further Saturn’s 2nd house position sometimes brings in violence in the relationship between husband and wife, all the more so, chances thereof if the 2nd, 7th or 8th house in the horoscope of the spouse has similar star-elements. And violence or no violence between the husband and wife, Saturn’s transit over the 2nd house or its antardasa in an adversary’s mahadasa can give problems of health to the spouse. These problems would include bone injury, sprain or severe injury to the foot, any other kind of pain to the legs/feet/waist line/lower spine bone as might create difficulty in free and fast movement of the spouse.


However in case Capricorn is in the 1st house, Saturn’s position in the 2nd house would be in its own Rasi (Aquarius), and thus it would be less harmful to the spouse. On the other hand, if Capricorn is in the 7th house, it would be Leo in the 2nd house, and then adverse effect to the spouse would be somewhat more serious. If Aries or Scorpio is in the 2nd house with Saturn in it, the spouse has to be preventive against fire, skin ailment, headache, eyesight, electricity, acids, inflammables and such injury as would cause bleeding. This precaution is more required if Saturn has its antardasa under Mars mahadasa or Mars has its antardasa under Saturn mahadasa. Saturn in the 2nd house normally gives slow and steady growth of savings, build-up of money and other assets, chances of starting and running any manufacturing or industrial venture. If Saturn happens to own the 11th or 12th house and is in the 2nd house, Saturn becomes all the more beneficial to the individual in matters of savings, money and assets. Sometimes, depending on their own stars, brothers, sisters and cousins expect and receive moral and monetary help/support from the individual, who rarely denies it so long as own condition and affairs afford scope for doing so. In rare cases the individual has to suffer indirect or direct jealousy and envy from these blood relations of self or spouse.

Individuals with Saturn in the 2nd house should take preventive steps against natural loss of pregnancy, and should avoid medical termination of pregnancy as either way it would be injurious to the health of the wife in the long run. Saturn in the 2nd provides protection against jealousy, blackmail, criticism, or any other harmful action against the individual holding any office in social, charitable or educational establishment. These individuals, do not become diehard enemies on their own, though they do retaliate any physical or moral attack on them. However this theory doesn’t apply in the case of their spouse, where the individuals are hard and difficult even if the spouse doesn’t deserve it.

These individuals normally get long life, notwithstanding the fact whether they are physically fit for active work or are crippled by old age with this or that complaint of health. Saturn has nothing much to do with the longevity of the spouse, that would depend on the stars of the spouse.

These individuals, when in active politics generally adopt very rigid approach to any personal or social or communal or national matter, and instead of appreciating reason, they try to find out supporters to their viewpoint or their stand. Normally these individuals are very calculative in spending money or giving money to their own children or giving charity or financial help to needy students. They want full justification for the money demanded or needed. An individual with Saturn in the 2nd house speaks, when in anger or in a quarrel or in rebuking mood or when threatening, in very measured tone, subdued but firm, creating a sense of fear in the mind of the party opposite.

Saturn in the 2nd House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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