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This  is one of the most important positions of Saturn, and since very much affects the formation of an individual’s personality, this position of Saturn assumes importance amongst all other stars occupying the 1st House.

The individual suffers ill health in one manner or the other in childhood, depending upon the family tradition of ill  health. Further in childhood, the individual sometimes suffers from constipation or weak digestive system. But the individual very rarely suffers from over-dose of any kind of illness, sufferings, etc. The individual gets provoked easily and under strong provocation, doesn’t hesitate to take serious physical risks. Apart from that the individual is fearless and violent without much preview of the risk involved. The individual is of firm determination, which in other words can be called obstinacy, rigidity, and stubbornness. The individual doesn’t keep many goals in mind during formative years, has only one aim in mind, at least up to the age of 23 years, and pursues that aim with full force, vigour, and undivided attention.

The individual listens to advice and guidance given by and all, but follows own course of action, after arriving at  decision based on own thinking plus essence of advice and guidance received from others. One important point is that no one can take this individual for granted, and he or she doesn’t become a “pocket edition” of anyone, whatever that other person’s superior qualities, knowledge, learning, status, achievements, physical strength, and capacity to cause harm/damage. The individual has the mental and physical capacity and countenance to maintain dignity even in worst possible circumstances. The individual is rarely impressively dressed, believes more in development of personal qualities securing respect from others on basis of qualities and not based on dress and outer appearance. The individual is polite and respectful to those who deserve it, but not to bogus persons and impostors.

These individuals have a weakness for the opposite sex, because sitting in the 1st House, Saturn has direct and more likely full drishti (aspect) on the 7th house. It is likely that they do not have much of physical indulgence, but may often earn a bad name for this weakness. These individuals are a bit careless about upkeep of their hair, talk a lot, and shift from one topic to another quickly, anxious to exhibit their knowledge and experience to impress the listener with variety of subjects. But in the same breath, they keep notice of the fact whether the listener is interested in listening or not. One of the best qualities of these individuals is their capacity for secrecy, and therefore best suited for functioning as a spy, intelligence agent, person meant for secret investigations, secret messenger between individuals, envoy/ambassador, suitable for commercial intelligence and similar allied jobs. It is not easy to win over these individuals by attractions of money, assets, facilities or even sex; they stay more or less duty bound. However one unfavourable point for these individuals is that very often others pirate the credit for the good work done by these individuals. They mind it but do not bother to take remedial action.


Thus brings us to the question of their friendship. These individuals remain good, sincere and dependable friends so long as the person(s) opposite do not cheat them, though they do not mind exploitation to a certain extent. These individuals are never keen for “give and take” attitude in friendship. But when they find that the other person is trying to be clever or snobbish, they suddenly cut off the friendship, and very rarely allow it to come back in their life. They are often selfless to an extent but do not sacrifice that selflessness at the altar of cheating and cunningness. Some people might be under the impression that because Saturn is a technical star, these individuals might grow into high-class technocrats. No, it is very rarely so, and it depends on several other factors such as what Rasi is in the 1st house, where the Rasi Capricorn and Aquarius (owned by Saturn) are positioned in the Birth-chart. Also, what matters is the Navamsha of Saturn, and what other stars are in the company of Saturn or otherwise associated with it. No doubt, if these individuals learn science or any technical subject, they gain good command on the subject, because of their undivided study and approach to the subject matter before them gives them efficiency over that subject. They also know from where or whom to get hold of the best and updated knowledge about that subject.

These individuals make successful industrialists. Even as an employee on the management side in any industrial unit, they give a very good account of themselves in management of production and labour force.

Saturn in the 1nd House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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