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Rahu In The 6th House / Rahu In The Sixth House of Horoscope

This is a favourable position for Rahu but Rahu is not very effective in this house if it is alone. It is fully effective if it is in conjunction with a solid star with in at the most 15 degrees.

In case it is so, Rahu would give good health, would cure any ailment, illness or disease rather quickly (though not permanently — chances of recurrence hang over).

If the stars in conjunction with Rahu in the 6th house are Mars, Saturn or even Sun or Herschell, Rahu would be helpful and effective in putting down or winning over the enemies, adversaries and opponents or competitors.

If Rahu is in combination with Mars or Saturn or Sun or Herschel it makes the progeny, at least one of them, richer parents. In case Rahu is in the company of Mercury, than the progeny would be careless about books and exercise books and notebooks. They would be irregular in their homework too upto the age of 14th years.


If Venus is with Rahu in the 6th house, the individual would indulge in extra-marital relationship, which may get detected and hurt the individual’s reputation for some time. Sometimes it might lead to loss of face and money both in one go. If it is a case of a female, she might be cheated in matters of money and assets by the paramour.

In case Jupiter is in the 6th house in conjunction withRahu, the individual would feel prompted to indulge in litigation and might win some of the times. In litigation between husband and wife, the responding party would be at an advantage, and if possible such a contingency should be avoided.

There can be loss of money or assets by cheating, theft or speculation or money lending.

If Moon and Rahu are together in the 6th house, though it becomes an Eclipse combination, the individual is at an advantage, as Moon would not be successful in making the individual a brooding person or an introvert.

Individuals with Rahu in the 6th house are generally free from debts and they maintain good prestige in friends’ circle and in the market. They often keep a vigilant eye on their budget and try to remain within limits of capacity to spend whatever the occasion. It is not easy to provoke these individuals to spend wastefully.

Rahu and Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn in the 6th House
Respective chapters on Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn under the relevant sub-headings for 6th house may please be referred to.

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