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Rahu In The 1st House / Rahu In The First House of Horoscope


The most important point of this position of Rahu is that it gives a sharp sense of ego to the individual, whether male or female, whether rich or poor, whether strong or weak educated or less educated or even uneducated, whether well connected isolated. However the individual doesn’t indulge in a lot of bragging and boastful utterances unless Rahu is in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury directly, or occupies a Rasi owned by Mercury.

Normally Rahu alone in the 1st house has the capacity to make the individual very vocal and talkative, but without but without association of Mercury it doesn’t make the individual very boastful and bragging.

Rahu gives reddish touch to the eyes, sometimes an unnoticeable touch of squint, quick tendency to pick up a quarrel, and shouting a lot while in a quarrel.

At the same time, the individual is bold, courageous with tendency to help and assist the people suffering from or under cruelty of wicked and exploitative people, and in so doing the individual is not much mindful of harm or hurt to self.

Rahugenerally gives hesitation in starting own business/ industry/ profession or self-employment. But if any of these lines of livelihood were handed over to the individual by a Parent, Grandparent or anyone else, the individual would certainly settle down in that line. Otherwise if left to self, the individual would seek and adopt safe line of livelihood, like service, partnership in already working unit, living on income from rents and interest from investments.

A good point of Rahu in the 1st house is that these individuals often try to keep away from investment or dabbling in shares and stocks. They rely more on solid business or trading.

Since the question of ‘ego’ is directly and prominently involved, these individuals often make best attempt to come in contact with, as also try to become intimate with, people in power. And often these individuals make an effort to make such contacts and intimacy a subject of exhibition or common talk, public observation and publicity. Readers might have often seen certain individuals raising their heads and necks in photographs and visual media behind important personalities, just to have their face appear with the important personality, even though they have no concern, no connection to be there in that photograph or visual media!

Students of astrology may take that such individuals are likely to have Rahu in the 1st or the 9th house.

One important influence of Rahu in the 1st house is that inspite of sharp sense of ‘ego’ but these individuals are not normally disrespectful towards others. On the contrary, they are more respectful towards elders, teachers, parents, and learned or experienced people and also towards the women folk. No doubt these individuals do not tolerate insult of self or parents or teachers or elderly people even by other respectable people, and they do not hesitate to give vent to their feelings.


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