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Rahu in the 12th House | Rahu in Twelfth House of Horoscope

The principle that applies to this house is that Rahu (or Ketu) alone is not very effective and influential; it would need the company of other solid star to give results.

However it has to be noted that Rahu is rarely helpful in the 12th house to the individual concerned, not even to the individual’s progeny; but no doubt helpful to a limited extent to the real father or mother-in-law of the individual.

Rahu in the 12th house encourages an individual to spend money for charity and social work, but the main aim is “name and fame”, rather than real sympathy and mercy for the sufferers. And money thus spent for charity and social work is normally not coming out of the individual’s earnings by hard work or labour, but from funds derived through unfair means, through participation in or association with illegal activity. This may include hoarding for profiteering, smuggling, and depending on other planet in the 12th house. In few cases, the charity or social service might be to camouflage some anti-social or anti-national activity of the recent past.rahu_dragon_head_rahugraha_navagraha

Rahu in the 12th house is capable of giving a strong-built body, shoulders, neck, and chest, giving the body an impressive appearance.

Rahu on its own in the 12th house doesn’t lead an individual to police custody, prison, imprisonment, or punishment. But if Mars, Saturn, Herschell or even Jupiter, by virtue of its presence in the 12th house is with Rahu, it can lead an individual towards any kind of punishment. Rahu otherwise alone in 12th house leads to punishment in terms of money or confiscation of assets or even a portion of the property, but never imprisonment. Confiscation of immoveable property takes place only when Mars too is in the 12th house.

Imprisonment with hard labour or any punishment severe than that, doesn’t normally occur, unless Mars, Saturn or Herschell is also in the 12th house (within 12 degree conjunction with Rahu there) of the individual. At the same time, Mars or Saturn (or to an extent Sun) happens to be the lord of the 3rd, 6th, 8thor of the 12thhouse itself, and Rahu as well as conjoining planet haven’t changed position from the 12th house in the Bhava-Chalitam chart. It is always safe to determine the Navamsha positions of Rahu and its accompanying planet, whether the Navamsha positions are protecting the individual against severe punishment or Navamsha position is increasing the punishment.

As already stated above in this context that Rahu alone in the 12th house, irrespective of its position in Navamsha-chart doesn’t normally go beyond financial penalty, fine, and loss of money or assets.


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