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Pitra Dosh

One of the most feared concepts in Vedic Astrology, Pitra dosh is said to  occur in a horoscopes when the forefathers of the native are not happy with him and may curse him to suffer from suffer from debt, diseases, failures all around, being childless and in extreme cases, misfortunes resulting to death. The definition of Pitra Dosh do not find factual validation as the horoscope of a person is decided and prepared at the time of his birth by considering position of planets and other factors and according he is said to be effected by defects like Kaal Sarp Dosh, Manglik Dosh and Pitra Dosh etc. How can ancestors curse the person when his horoscope has been made on the basis of his birth, the native has not yet committed any sins or disrespected them to get cursed. How can one curse someone even when his Karma is pure?

Now few people might predict that “Pitra dosh might have happened because of the sins of previous births.” It should be noted that astrological beliefs suggest that person born in a particular blood line is none other than an ancestor of the same family. This means one reborn into the same family again. This is the theory of Karmic astrology, most people are born in the same family lines with same friends and same enemies in many of their lives until their Karmic debts, duties and rewards are all cleared. Coming back to the point, what is Pitra Dosh if not curse of the Ancestors? Let’s look into the matter deeply.

So now we understand Pitra Dosh is not ancestral debt but debt of karma from previous birth. Simply one faces problem till he has cleared all the debts and misdeeds in sphere of time ranging from one birth to another. Pitra Dosh doesn’t deals with ancestors curse; instead they themselves have been punished due to the debts that continued to next birth. Let’s see the theory on the basis of scientific as well as Karmic logics. Like science we carry jeans of our parents and forefathers. You are most likely to get diabetic if your parents suffer from the diseases. Same is the case with Karma where bad karmas done by you in previous birth passes on to other births and you beat the punishments. Negative balance means punishments while positive means rewards and continues from one generation to another. This means good Karmas done by a person earn Karmic rewards which are paid to the future members of his family line, their future generation enjoys increased wealth and other benefits. Let’s now go deeper into this theory of Karmic Ancestral debts and rewards with the help of an example taken from Hindu Mythology.

We take the example of holy river “Ganga”, commonly known as River Ganges by rest of the world. Long time ago, there was a King named Sagar who was Ancestor to Lord Rama. Due to some misunderstanding, the sons of King Sagar attacked a great Sage Kapil and they all died of the burning flames coming out of the eyes of angry sage Kapil as punishment. Sages are higly esteemed people in India and insulting a great sage leads to curse in form of Karmic debt. So Anshuman, the grandson of King Sagar went to Sage Kapil to ask for his forgiveness and requested him to prescribe a way to relieve the family of this Ancestral debt. Sage Kapil told him that their debt shall be over only when holy river Ganga is brought back to the earth from the heavens and the ashes of the burnt Princes are offered to the river.

Accordingly, Anshuman worshiped throught life to bring back river Ganga but did not succed. The responsibility passed on to King Dilip after his debt but even he was not able to succeed. Then his son King Bhagirath worshiped Lord Brahma dedicatedly and finally Lord Brahma came to answer his prayers and blessed him with his wish to send Ganga back to earth and relieve his family and forefathers of their Karmic debts. As Lord Brahma blessed Bhagirath, King Bhagirath posed a question to Lord Brahma which goes something like this.

Pitra Dosh
Pitra Dosh

“O Great Lord Brahma, I have a question to ask and kindly bless me with the answer to this question. My grandfather Anshuman and my father Dilip worshipped you throughout their lives but you did not answer their prayers whereas you have answered my prayers. Was there any defect in their way of worship or was something else wrong due to which you did not listen to the prayers of my father and my grandfather?”

Hearing this Lord Brahma smiled and said, “Insulting and attacking a great sage like Kapil caused a very heavy karmic debt on your family line and all of it needed to be paid in order for me to come and bless a member of your family line with his wish. Your father and grandfather worshipped throughout their lives and they were able to pay most of this debt, but as the debt were not cleared, so I did not come to grant their wish. As you started worshipping, the Karmic debt was cleared and after that you earned sufficient Karmic rewards for your wish to be granted, by keeping worshipping me and that is why I am here to bless you with your wish”.

The moral of the story is that Karmic debt is to be cleared only then one gets good fortune. The family of King sagar faced difficulties through generations till the debt was cleared and see after that Lord Rama himself was born in the same family line. This shows that karmic debts always run in balance.

Coming back to the topic, Pitra Dosh is not the curse of the ancestors as defined by some astrologers, but it is a debt formed Karma of the ancestors and this debt has to be paid by the present generation either by taking the punishment or by performing specific good Karmic deeds. Now let’s see how Pitra Dosh occurs. If the sun taken as indicator of ancestors is affected by malefic planets, Pitra dosh is said to be formed. For example, worst of this dosh is formed by the malefic Rahu and Ketu which pose serious threat to the native. Apart from this, Pitra Dosh is also formed if 9th house of a horoscope is afflicted by a malefic planet and the results are predicted in the same way as in case of afflictions to the Sun. This forms Pitra Dosh.

And now that we know about Pitra Dosh, let’s discuss its remedies. Like all other defects presents in a horoscope, Pitra Dosh is a very technical Dosh and general remedies are not sufficient for it. It is very important first to identify the planet or planets causing Pitra Dosh and then do the remedies and Poojas for those planets. And for the people who are told that Pitra Dosh is a curse of the ancestors and it can be modified by doing Poojas and charities to pacify and please their ancestors, let me tell you that this remedy is not going to do much good for you because your Ancestors are not cursing you but they are themselves cursed and so you don’t need to pray to them, but you need to pray for them.

So one must identify the planet causing Pitra Dosh in the horoscope and then do specific charities and Poojas to pay the debts of that planet and to reduce the amount of Punishments and free themselves from Pitra Dosh.

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