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Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja

Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja– Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Pitra Dosh is the most misinterpreted concept of Vedic Astrology and has been creating troubles since centuries. First of all, it is widespread that Pitra Dosh occur because of curse from ancestors and most of the astrologers suggest visiting places like Haridwar, Badrinath Dham, Gaya Ji or Trayambkeshwar temple in Nasik or in Ujjain to perform Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja and do Shraadh Karmas, pooja and charities which shall pacify curse of ancestors.

First let’s understand Pitra Dosh, it is not formed due to the curse of ancestors but instead is result of bad karmas from previous births. So in order to rectify Pitra Dosh Nivarna Puja shall be formed to pacify malefic planets in horoscopes causing the dosh rather than to please forefathers. Only in the case when Pitra dosh is formed by a malefic Sun placed in ninth house of a horoscope is formed due to the curse of the ancestors. This is because of irregular and incomplete rituals performed after death of forefathers and there it is formed due to curse by ancestors. Rest all other kinds of Pitra Doshas are formed due to bad karmas done by the ancestors of the native and their formation has nothing to do with the curse of native’s ancestors.

In order to perform Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja one has to first find out the malefic planet that is affecting the horoscope to form Pitra Dosh. Undirected pooja shall not do any benefit and the results would be negative. The pooja has to be exclusively dedicated and directed in order to free the native from negativity of Pitra Dosh, by condensing the planet’s strength.  This is significant step where exact reason for Pitra Dosh needs to be found in order to avail maximum benefits from the Pooja and should not be skipped.

pitra dosh
pitra dosh

Next step is performing Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja, it generally includes chanting of Mantras and performing specific rituals. In order to achieve successful results from pooja that is decreasing the strength of malefic planet. Rituals and steps are different for different native but the common steps involved in Pitra Dosh Nivarna pooja is as follows-

The purpose of this pooja is to reduce strength of malefic planet and to provide strength to the sun or 9th house in the horoscope. This is done with the combined appliance of pooja, gemstones, yantras and some other astrological remedies. Pooja Dosh Nivarna Pooja is started with the Ved mantras of that planet and should be conducted with specific codes and procedures. Let us assume that Rahu is forming Pitra dosh in a horoscope and accordingly the Pitra dosh nivaran pooja in this case will be performed to pacify negative

Next step is enchantment of Mantras specified to reduce the strength of that dosh which amounts to as huge as 125,000 in most of the cases. A specific day is chosen and fixed for commencement and completion of Pitra dosh Nivarna Pooja. On the first day of pooja, a Sankalpam or resolution is taken by the group of Pundits ranging from 5 to 7 in number. Sankalpam is taken by the head Pundit or the main Pundit who takes an oath in front of Lord Shiva that he and his other assistant Pandits are going to perform a chant of 125,000 Pitra Dosh Nivaran mantras for a specific native and takes his father’s  name and surname. He takes the name of all the assistant Pundits and specific wishes by the native are also mentioned.

The Pundits keep on enchanting 125,000 mantras for 8 to 10 days till the completion of each mantra in committed time. After completion of chant of each mantra, the completion ceremony is arranged for the pooja which organized that takes around 2-3 hours with proper procedures. A pooja for lord Shiva, goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and other members of Shiva family is performed at first and they are offered items like flowers, fruits, sweets, milk, curd, honey, desi ghee, sugar and many other things and it is enchanted that they have completed the Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja in prescribed manner in committed time frame for the native on his behalf and he should be blessed with removal of Pitra Dosh. These steps and mantras in completion ceremony differ for different native with different amount of Doshas. A sankalpam is taken based on the pooja performed for the native to be blessed and made free from the Karmic debts in order to relive Pitra doshas.

After completion ceremony, the blessings are taken from the gods and goddesses and then the final ceremony of Havana is started which marks a direct connection between the native and the corresponding planets or gods through pundits. It is a very important and technical procedure which should be performed by expert pundits with proper detailing and care. After Havana is performed the necessary formalities, the chant of Pitra dosh nivaran mantra is started again and with  completion of each mantra, a sound of Swaaha or Swaha is chanted by the pundits along with the sound specific constituents as Pooja samagri is offered to holy fire of Havana. The process is repeated again and again to mark the completion of Havana. Few other important mantras are chanted which may differ from pooja to pooja. A dry coconut is finally filled with specific items which may differ in every case and is offered as final offering to the holy fire. The client is then asked to complete 1, 3 or 7 circles around the Havana kund where each one of these circular movement is called a Pradakshina or a Parikarama. These are the common step for any Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja that may differ for different natives.

Few precautions are to be observed by the native during the time period while Pundits perform pooja on his/her behalf. He should eat only vegetarian food and should refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol. He should refrain from any kind of physical and sexual contact with his partner whether married or unmarried. He should not participate in any act of violence and done calm demeanor. One should get involved in Pooja as much possible and should get up early morning and perform pooja. It is to be noted that Pitra dosh Nivarna Pooja can be performed in presence of the native and without it also. A photo of the native is kept as his symbol and head pundit in his Sankalpam mentions that they are conduction pooja on his behalf where he is not able to be present physically. The photo is reference and one of the assistant pundit enchants mantra of the native.

The pooja should be performed according in detail to avail maximum benefit  and for Pitra Dosh Nivarna.

Pitra Dosh Nivarna Pooja– Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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