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Moon in the 9th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

Though the 9th house relates to good or bad luck, inheritance (gains and problems in it), fame or defame, faith or absence of faith in God or in religion, and good moral or immoral character (within the knowledge of the spouse). It relates also to many a close relations. Moon very rarely becomes very effective and influential in the 9th house, because of its waxing and waning nature.

This being the exactly correct position, Moon has to depend on other planets in the 9th house, and if it is alone, it depends on the lord of the Rasi in the 9th house, placement of that lord in the birth-chart and its relation with Moon in 9th house. Very few astrologers would agree with this fundamental position about Moon in the 9th house, but it is a hard fact.

Moon gives a person strong faith in God and religion or cult, it stops the individual from becoming an atheist, though several times adversity forces lack of the faith in God Almighty. Whether in a cardinal Rasi or not, Moon encourages journeys for pilgrimage with the family, or at least with the spouse.

Basically the individual is generous and charitable by nature and tries to help people, in real need. The individual also gets associated with any organisation or group connected or concerned with religious activity, and sometimes the individual has to accept an office in management of the religious body or a temple or mosque or church etc. Moon being alone in 9th house would not generally bring any defame to the individual for lapse in management or suspicion about funds (collection, accounting and spending).

The 9th house being directly related to brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, cousins, uncles and aunts on paternal and maternal side, nephews and nieces, Moon generally tries its best to maintain cordial relations with one and all of these relations, without much bothering about response from these people. Moon does not bother to develop any kind of romantic or illicit relationship with any of the above relatives or relations.

However if the endeavour comes from the opposite side, the individual, after a mild rejection at the initial stage, starts responding to the advancement from the other side. This is where the question of earning a bad name crops up, because after all, even after best care and caution to hide the fact, the illicit relationship does come to light. Because Moon (when alone in the 9th house) makes an individual shameless person, the relationship ends after exposure.

But with regard to immoral character of the spouse, for one reason or the other, the individual turns a blind eye to this development, and if the individual at all expresses disapproval, it is in mild and easily tolerable tone. These individuals are obedient and serviceful to parents, teachers and almost all elders, unless they find some concrete drawback in the conduct or character of an elderly person. They are not miserly towards parents of self or of spouse, and are not much guided by the feelings and opinion of others in this behalf.

They are often keen for advanced education, and if tecessary, at cost of self, no doubt after entry into any career for ,arning livelihood of self and or family. Though they are normally seemed easy going in relation to their work or career, they are hard working towards acquisition of education.

Apart from pilgrimage (including mountaineering to holy and religious places), the individuals are fond of normal tours and travels too, in connection with career or work as also for sake of pleasure and knowing new places by a visit there. There can be gains from uncles, aunts, cousins or even from brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law, but not exclusive gain (debarring other claimants) from the mother or from father, because notwithstanding other considerations, desiring or getting exclusive gains from mother stands opposed to these individuals’ principle of honesty of purpose and straightforwardness.

They refuse (respectfully) even if the mother offers any gains exclusively. Unless Venus has some direct link with the 9th house or casts full drishti on the 9th house, these individuals do not join any sex orgies, and if invited to join, they politely refuse. They try their best to protect the inheritance. If they shift away from the place of birth or place of normal residence of the parents or a surviving parent, these individuals take care of both, the inheritance at the place of birth or wherever else it is located and also of the parents or the surviving parent.

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