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Moon in the 11th house of Horoscop-Vedic Astrology

Being a soft planet, Moon is helpful to the individual earning livelihood comfortably and honourably. The individual generally stays honest in money dealings, is not inclined to demand or expect or accept illegal gratifications. Sometimes the bribe-givers try to give a bribe to the progeny or try to oblige the progeny in some other manner as would make the individual too obliged, and help the bribe-giver’s cause. The question of loss from an elder brother or sister normally doesn’t arise, as the individual is always careful and alert in own dealings of money.

The individual is very careful and cautious in proper growth and education of the progeny, though the question of education depends on the stars of each child. The individual is always open minded about any love affair of any child, provided it is at the proper age, and the individual tries level best if the child and that friend could get married to each other.

If the chances are less or altogether remote, the individual cautions the child, but doesn’t force the child to break up the relationship. The individual is kind, considerate and helpful to the spouses of the children, provided none of them misbehaves with the elders, because Moon in the 11th house is always mindful of disrespect from the youngsters towards any elder whether in the family or outside.

The individual, whether a man or a woman, doesn’t believe in causing miscarriage or abortion of any pregnancy outside a marriage bond, say during unmarried state or when one is widow or widower or a divorcee. On birth, the illegitimate child receives the same attention and love as a legitimate child would get.

Being in the 2nd position from the 10th house, which rules father, the individual is assured of due inheritance from the father. However, if the father predeceases the mother, sometimes mother causes, intentionally or unintentionally, some damage to the inheritance rights of the individual. The reason is very clear. The 4th house rules Mother, and Moon in the 11th house is in 8th position from the 4th house.

Thus the mother develops a feeling, wrongly or rightly, that the individual (be it a son or daughter) is not totally serviceful and obedient to the mother. Such feelings are always very much inside the person concerned, and these inner feelings are not known to others, and cannot be remedied. These feelings get exposed only when the partition of family properties and assets is finalised by the mother.

They maintain the same standard in college or university too. If they do not take to writing, journalism, functioning as a priest or preacher, at least they remain in touch with these lines of profession. Sometimes they adopt one of these lines as a side source of income or for publicity in print media.

They have work-oriented health until late 60’s of age, because they are always effortful for keeping good working health. They do not get good health automatically like individuals having Saturn or Rahu in the 11th house. They are open to gifts, presents and gratification in any shape or form, but stay within reasonable limits, and never press for it while granting any favour to a person seeking it.

Normally they do not alter their judgement, decision, and action for sake of gratification. In other words, they maintain honesty of purpose. They do not have to go for medical termination of pregnancy, because they are often careful in avoiding pregnancy when not desired, and secondly sometimes the miscarriage or abortion takes place automatically. They are well possessed and well-to-do financially, more because of hard work of self and/or spouse, and not so much on account of malpractice and dishonesty.

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