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Mercury in the 10th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This is one of the best positions in any Birth-chart for Mercury, irrespective of the Rahu in the 10th house.

The individual is soft, knowledgeable, experienced, sober even in criticism, docile, thinker, writer, poet, professional in any future-telling science, teacher, professor, researcher, journalist, editor of literature, efficient translator. If the individual becomes a commentary-writer, she or he does the job like Mallinath in Sanskrit literature. If she or he writes on grammar, her or his work can stand comparison to grammarian like Paniniya in Sanskrit, or Kamata Prasad Guru in Hindi grammar and literature, or like nesfield and P.C. Wren were for English grammar.

The individual proves an efficient orator, priest, preacher of religious knowledge or any faith and cult, katha-vachak’ (recitation and explaining religious scriptures), narrator of old and new stories, prompter at stage or theater, writer of explanatory notes and guide books for school and college text books. He or she proves a successful manager of school, college or any educational institute, vice-chancellor or principal or registrar or professor or lecturer.

If the individual is entrusted to function as an imam in mosque, padre in church, granthi in gurudwara, monk in Buddha math, head or subordinate priest in temple, trustee of educational or religious formation or organisation, or as adviser to top persons in authority, or as a court jester, or in any other job or on any post, in that job too she or he would prove fully efficient and successful.

These persons are often gifted with maternal intelligence (it is not relevant whether mother is educated or not, because many a mother are very intelligent in their own right even without formal education). It is so because from  Mercury in the 9th House has direct and full drishti on the 4th house, which rules, besides other aspects, mother too.

Further, because of this direct drishti, these individuals enjoy facility of conveyance and roof over the head whether they themselves own any vehicle or roof of their own or not.

These individuals are normally straight-forward in approach and outspoken, have a loud voice, a minute observation, expert in calculations and mathematics, have competent command on `mantras’ . As far as possible they avoid indulging in tantrik’ system (black-magic kind of systems), though they are good at suggesting making of gold or silver or copper and steel `yantras’ (talismans) and also the method of worshipping the `yantras’ Inspite of their knowledge of the religious scriptures and connected means and methods, they normally avoid officiating as a priest at any marriage or sacred thread ceremony, first hair-cut ceremony (known as mundan’ in Hindu society), nor as a priest at last rites.

As writers, they get cheated, but as publishers they are, to a great extent, honest in their dealings.

Left to them, these individuals do not indulge in making forged documents or any other kind of fraud.

Mercury in the 10th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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