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Mars in the 9th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This position of Mars is difficult to analyse. However, three points deserve special attention:

  • It disturbs the inheritance rights of the person. The individual doesn’t get possession of full share in ancestral property. Other claimants, whether they are right or wrong, pull the leg of or get over, or overtake the rightful claimant. Quarrels, fights, civil and criminal litigation takes place quite often, drag on for years, sometimes from one to another generation. Even real brothers, real sisters, first cousins become enemies of one another. Sometimes, out of mere disgust or because of having earned assets and property by own effort, the right claimant surrenders own rights and claims willingly or unwillingly to keep the evil of litigation, quarrels, and fights away from the family.

These vents happen even in such cases as have distinctly worded written will, or written settlement of family property and assets, because greed of human being for money, material and property is at the root of this evil. Disaster and murders are not uncommon in these disputes. For gain or for mere fun, neighbours and unconcerned relations too side with one party or the other in these disputes. It is advisable that when a parent finds Mars in the 9th house of a progeny, the parent shouldn’t build houses for joint living of the progeny, shouldn’t establish

business and industry in joint names or joint ownership of the progeny. The parent should watch out for greedy uncles, aunts and cousins, nephews and nieces of such progeny with Mars in the 9th house, and keep them away from own progeny’s inheritance.

  • The additional evil of Mars in the 9th house is that if there are debts and liabilities in inheritance, the individual is burdened with much greater load thereof than the normal share of the individuals. Efforts of the spouse can protect the individual against burden of extra liability to a certain extent.
  •  Even while deciding marriage with a person (boy or girl) with Mars in the 9th house, the scope for quarrel and dispute over assets and property matters should be looked into by the parents or guardians on both sides, at least secretly. The reason is that a person with Mars in the 9th house is often at a big or small loss in matters of succession and inheritance.

In this particular matter, the individual has also to be blamed to a certain extent as he or she becomes intimate with and serviceful to the source of inheritance. Sometimes allegations fly openly that the dying person has given cash or jewellery in a hidden manner to the individual, depriving others of their due share.

First, it is always better to keep the relationship and services rendered to the source of inheritance open to other claimants. Secondly, when the source of inheritance is on death-bed as it were, it is better (and wise) to inform all other heirs and claimants, leaving no basis for suspicion and subsequent allegations or legal battles.

This question becomes all the more important where a person comes by adoption from one family to another family or by way of son-in-law domiciled in the family of the wife (known as “ghar jamai” in North India). It has to be so because often other relatives of the adopting parent(s) consider that their rights are crushed by the adoption of the son-in-law as a son, heir, and successor. Whether right or wrong, such relatives are very much looking forward to inheriting the assets of the person concerned.

So they try to create problems and trouble for the adopted child or the child-in-law. Joint properties or joint business or joint industrial ventures between brothers or between cousins also constitute bones of dispute between the brothers, sisters, and cousins. Even when the question discussed above is not there, often the relationship between the individual and uncles or aunts or cousins or nephews and nieces get strained for not any concrete reason or rhyme.

This strain in relations can spring up between real brothers or between real brothers and sisters as also their respective spouses. Sometimes, these people get divided into groups; and (though quite a rarity) sometimes the entire group gangs-up against a particular individual with Mars in the 9th.

Efforts of violence towards that individual are not also ruled out. Whether of own volition, or per force, (which again is quite a rare occurrence but still possible), an individual with Mars in the 9th house gets pulled into prohibited degree relationship with a member of the opposite sex within the family of self or spouse. Consequences of this type of relationship are better guessed than described.Then other less important effect of Mars in the 9th is that the person comes up on the administrative or management body of a religious, social, charitable, political, educational, medical formation.

Then other less important effect of Mars in the 9th is that the person comes up on the administrative or management body of a religious, social, charitable, political, educational, medical formation. Depending on association of Mars with other evil stars, sometimes the individual suffers from defamation for misuse of funds or misuse of powers or misappropriation of resources of the establishment, not so much by acts of omission or commission of the individual, but more for the faults of others working there.

Mars in the 9th house helps an individual to come in contact with persons in power and authority, and thereby leading the individual towards any responsible position in politics or administration or membership of organisation considered as office of profit.

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