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Mars in the 8th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This is one of the most ticklish and risky positions of Mars for the individual, as well as for the spouse. It adversely affects mutual relationship, companionship, happiness, health, continuity, or conclusion of a marriage. Conclusion can be by an injury or illness, Tuberculosis, venereal disease, AIDS, skin ailment, blood disorders, heart ailment, harmful results of stunt acting, risk of falling from horse, camel, elephant, buffalo, or any height; risk of animal-bite, snake-bite, rabies, injury to genital parts or anus, by undertaking any job or work or action or responsibility involving physical risk.

Risk to married life can be from any kind of legal action, possessing real estate more than one’s real needs; having various sources of income; success or failure of surgical or any other kind of instrumental treatment to self or to spouse by non-specialist in the required discipline of surgery.

However, if saviour stars are also effective in the horoscope, specially, Sun, Saturn and Rahu, they can save the individual or the spouse from above mentioned diseases or risk to the person. Therefore the whole matter needs very expert, careful and cautious examination of the stars in full details.

It would be foolish on part of the astrologer to give positive-type predictions on basis of haphazard study or calculations. In one sentence it can be stated that this position of Mars is always favourable for income and earnings but injurious to health, marriage, or love, irrespective of the Sign in the 8th house.

It is incorrect to believe that Mars is harmless if it is in its exaltation or a Sign owned by Mars itself or in Vargottam position. No, the effect of Mars in the 8th house is unconditional, the only difference is of degree or percentage of results depending on the Sign in the  8th house, lord of the 8th house, mutual relationship between Mars and the lord of the 8th house.

It is therefore essential to keep the immediately preceding paragraph in mind before reaching any conclusion in this regard. It is also advisable for an individual having Mars in the 8th house, that his or her matrimonial match must necessarily have Mars in the 7th or the 8th house; nothing short of it may work. Please note carefully that some astrologers and tantriks suggest puja and yantra as a remedy in cases where one of the matrimonial match (boy or girl) has Mars in the 7th or 8th and the other doesn’t have it.

Practical experience shows that these remedies only go to postpone, or in some rare case, reduce to some extent the adverse results of this position of Mars. The adverse result does not get mitigated or wiped out totally. Even an excellent tally of gunas (points matching system based on a total tally of 36) would not help. Another problem facing unsuspecting parents is that often parents of a boy or girl having Mars in 7th or 8th house either plead ignorance about remembering the date of birth and time of birth of the boy or the girl, or give a manipulated date or time of birth.

The presumption is that the non-Mangali match alone would suffer the adverse effect of the Mangali boy or girl in question. In reality it is not so. The primary function of Mars in these positions is to disturb, damage, or destroy the co-habital union of two people, depending upon its degree and combinations.

Thus the consequence can fall on either of the two persons in the marriage, or sometimes on both of them. In one case recently, the girl had Mars in her 8th, while the boy did not have any adverse influence of Mars in his Birth-chart. Both were killed in a road accident. It later transpired that at the time of marriage negotiations, the parents of the girl had manipulated the time of her birth by 2 hrs and 45 minutes. That changed the ascendant and consequentially the entire Birth-chart of the girl.

There are many such cases where a person with Mars in 7th or 8th met with an accident and died, whereby the marriage got destroyed. In many a case, parents were guilty of manipulating the year or date and time of birth to hide the Mars’ presence in the 7th or the 8th house. Sometimes the parents change the year of birth presuming that the position of stars would remain the same as that in the correct year of birth. It is not so.

The Birth-chart of a person born, say on 12 Oct. 1926 and 12 Oct. 1927 would be very different, though the Ascendant and Sun’s position would be the same in 1926 and 1927, provided the date, month and time of birth have not been altered. A learned astrologer can detect such manipulations! The other results of Mars are discussed below in the process of discussing other stars in the 8th house with Mars.

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