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Mars in the 6th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This is one of the most helpful positions of Mars, giving good health, desire and capacity to work, keen to prove helpful to people around. These individuals are fearless, daring, dashing, and brave too. They have a special kind of attachment to their property, but they hesitate to usurp or encroach upon property belonging to others.

They do not withdraw from helping the spouse in domestic cores. They are very particular about their health and physical strength. Some of them develop strained relations with mother’s brother or sister, at least when in the Birth-chart, Aquarius, Taurus or Libra is in the 4th house. They often keep an eye on the worldly possessions of the spouse, without any intention to smart it.

If Sun is in the 9th or 10th house or a waning Moon is in the 7th or 9th house, these individuals have a chance of inheriting property from one of the maternal grandparents; it can be even a very valuable gift of assets. This factor too becomes a basis for strained relations with mother’s brother or sister.

If Moon is in the 5th house, these people entertain worries internally and it adversely affects their efficiency in work. If Jupiter is in the 3rd, 8th or 12th house, there are chances of these individuals losing a battle in civil litigation, inspite of their over-confidence to win the case. These people rise to position of power by their own effort, at least when Sun is in 3rd, 10th or 11th, or in the 6th itself.

Otherwise they help others to rise to position of power, by election or by clout or by bout or even by violence. They normally have a religious bent of mind, but one cannot make them do a wrong thing .

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