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Ketu In The 9th House / Ketu In Ninth House Of Horoscope

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In this house Ketu assumes the characteristics of Mercury, giving extra intelligence, talent for writing, religious trends and tendencies, association with religious, social or charitable organizations, association with welfare bodies including orphanages, old-age homes, child welfare shelters etc.

Also this position of Ketu creates ghost writers of speeches and sometimes books and other literature too for politicians, big business tycoons and social leaders, and it is unfortunate effect of Ketu in 9th house that these ghost writers are seldom well paid for their wisdom and work.

Sometimes these individuals are victims of romantic advances by opposite sex who can be near relations and friends, which is normally rebuffed by these individuals. In case Saturn or Venus is not associated with the 9th or the 3rd house, the matter ends there itself. However if Venus or Saturn is associated with Kern in 9th house, declining these advances might result in blackmail or bring bad name to these innocent individuals.

These individuals prove very helpful followers and advisers usurpation of their payments by middlemen in the camp of the political leaders, but they remain victim of short-payments or political leaders, because inspite of their intelligence, experience and talent for writing, they are neither cunning nor established flatterers.

Generally these people suffer in the matter of inheritance. They do not get their full legitimate share because of usurpation and encroachment on their rights by brother, sister or cousin of self or spouse, and even by distant relations, even by those people who have no relation with the deceased person in whatsoever manner possible.

Where the question of name and fame is concerned, they do not make efforts to claim their due. It has been noticed that mischievous writers and publishers quite often pirate/ plagiarise writings of these individuals, and these individuals rarely seek legal redress or compensation or damages for the mischief done to them and their work.

Normally, lower rank people, the downtrodden in the society and masses come forward to help, support and rescue in difficulties of these individuals with Ketu in the 9th house, as compared to help or support from their own kith and kin, brethren etc.

During; Ketu’s main period or sub-period or Ketu’s transit in the 8th or the 12th house, some of these individuals suffer pain or injury to the lower portion of the hand, i.e. between elbow and fingers of either hand, but not on both hands. It can be averted if any soft planet is in Kendra /Trikona or hard planet is in 3rd, 6th or 11th house.



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