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Ketu In The 7th House / Ketu In Seventh House Of Horoscope

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This position of Ketu makes an individual travel a lot, even in childhood (with any member of the family or sometimes alone too). The journeys would not always be comfortable or successful, and minor complaints of health like fever, headache, fluctuation in blood pressure might follow a long or tiresome journey, whatever the mode of travel.

The individual often tends to worry a lot, when away from home for several days, weeks or one or two months. The worry relates to affairs at home and about members of the family including the spouse. When Ketu is connected with Mars or Saturn in the 7th house, it generates a remote sense of suspicion about the spouse, moreso in cases where strain exists in the relationship between husband and wife!

If there is a watery Rasi (Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces) and Capricorn in the 7th house, the individual should stay cautious about water, be it a tank, pond, swimming pool, river, sea or ocean, or even drinking water storage tanks. The individual should never take risk with water, notwithstanding the individual’s capacity and competence in swimming.

Another weak point with these individuals is that they spend heavily under provocation or emotion, and then regret the spending, particularly if the expenditure was meant for spouse or the family. But these individuals do not mind wasteful expenditure on friends of either sex. Their annoyance and anger also remains under control in relationship to outsiders of either sex, though it is not the same at home and with immediate family and wider family.

One school of thought holds the view that Ketu is more favorable when in Scorpio, but experience doesn’t confirm it. On the other hand, Ketu in Scorpio gives sometimes pain or a minor sexual ailment and also relating to reproductive system in females.



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