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Jupiter in Ninth House of Horoscope – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Jupiter in Ninth House of Horoscope – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

This is one of the most favourable positions of Jupiter for the individual and in a limited sense for brothers and sisters of self and spouse. Good luck is often operative in moments of difficulty or trouble from taxation authorities, or from banking institutions, or from insurance companies.

If the individual is given to faith in God Almighty in any form or shape and is given to regular prayers, favourable results are often granted by the God. Almighty, whatever the religion, faith or cult of the individual.

These individuals should never change their faith or religion, whatever the temptation and pressure, otherwise the good results of prayers would be lost, or at least become less effective.pw_pl_jupiter01

The individual gains good name and praise for association with any non-government public service formation, as also withany religious and charitable institutions or with free-medical-aid-providing organisations so long as the individual stays real active in public service, honest to the purpose, and also to the funds of the organisation.

If Jupiter gets associated with any hard planet like Mars, Saturn, or Rahu in the 9th house, the individual might adopt dishonest ways and means in management of the religious or social service institution. If any of these hard planets cast their full drishti on Jupiter in the 9th house, the individual stays honest, but others working in or for the institution might indulge in any kind of dishonesty, and bring blame to the individual.

The individual stays honest and straightforward in matters of inheritance of ancestral assets and property vis-a-vis other claimants or heirs. However, if Mars or Saturn is in conjunction within 10 degrees with Jupiter, the individual has to suffer a setback in share of assets and property in favor of other claimants and heirs. In litigation or arbitration matter, it is the individual who suffers ultimately giving up some portion of the individual’s due and legal share.

The individual often of religious nature and does offer prayers or maintains meditation more or less regularly. Such as these individuals are rarely found to be atheist. If Jupiter in a Rasi owned by Moon or Mercury or in Pisces, the individual is generally secretive about her or his mode, nature and text of prayers as also about the ‘guru-mantra’ which she or he recites.

These individuals make balanced, fair-minded, and impartial judge, magistrate, arbitrator, value or assessor. So long as Jupiter is not under influence of any hard planet like Mars, Saturn or Rahu. If the individual is a qualified accountant or a taxation officer or subordinate in any taxation outfit, she or he always tries to stay above-board where integrity is concerned.

These individuals are often efficient in arguing or pleading a case or cause,when functioning as,a lawyer, advocate, or solicitor. They are very public spirited at framing or drafting any law or rules and regulations.

But remember, though Jupiter gives such favourable resultsin the 9th house, it surrenders its capability for good results to the influence of any hard planet. Further Jupiter allows that hard planet to have an upper hand in the 9th house, irrespective of what Rasi is in the 9th house.

Jupiter in Ninth House of Horoscope – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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