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How will the eclipses affect us? – Analysis By Vinayak Bhatt Part-2


The last eclipse of 2007 is a Partial Solar eclipse at the Moon’s descending node in Southern Leo in the constellation of Poorvaphalguni in the lunar month of Sravana.

Greatest eclipse takes place at 12:31:21UT. The penumbral contact times with Earth are as under:

Partial eclipse begins at 10:25:46UT

Partial eclipse ends at 14:36:33UT

Greatest eclipse is the instant. when the axis of the Moon shadow passes closet to Earth’s centre. For partial eclipses. the shadow axis misses Earth entirely. An ortho-graphic projection map of Earth shows the path of penumbra (partial) eclipse for the event vide. Figure 2

The points P1 and P4 mark the coordinates where the penumbral shadow first contact (partial eclipse begins) and last contact (partial eclipse ends). Curves are plotted at each half an hour beginning from 11:30 to 13:30 UT. Find greatest eclipse at curve 12:31UT. Adjacent curves are for magnitudes of 0.20. 0.40, 0.60 and 0.80 (i.e. 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%).

Partial Solar eclipse is not visible in India and other Asian countries. It will be seen in North Atlantic and South America, especially the western parts experience the impact of both the eclipses.

When Eclipse leaves in Southwestern side, according to Brihat Samhita, the people will suffer from deceases of the private parts.

Leo being the animal sign, there will be danger to Zoo, animal sanctuaries, wild animals. Fire accidents will happen in forests. Leo being the 11th house in eclipse horoscope, there will be heated discussions and arguments in Parliament and such bodies, on one issue or the other without any inclination for compromise. Governments may not take bold decisions in view of mounting_ pressures and onslaught from opposition. Some noteworthy political leader may die.

Influence of Eclipse on the Countries where some stages or all phases are visible.

The Total Lunar Eclipse is occurring in Satabhisha constellation in Aquarius sign on 28 August 2007. Partial Solar Eclipse will be occurring in Poorvaphalguni constellation in Leo sign on 11 September 2007. All those persons whose birth stars are either Satabisha or Poorvaphalguni should follow remedial measures like performing Rudra Abhishekham, reciting Vishnu Sahasranam or chanting Gayatri Mantra etc on the respective dates. They are also advised to avoid eating, drinking and indulging in sensual pleasures etc. during the eclipse period.


It is generally said that eclipse will not have impact on the territory where it is not visible. In this case, the impact will be as explained below:

INDIA: In India, 24:35 degree of Capricorn sign rises at New Delhi at the time of eclipse contact (see Fig.: U4). Final phases of Partial Lunar eclipse and Penumbral eclipse ending will be happening before sunset. As such, it will not be visible. But the impact cannot be avoided while we take the local mean time and sunset time at Kolkata (major town in India when the eclipse hit first) at the time of either Partial or Penumbral ending timings viz. 5:54 pm and 6:51 pm into consideration.

Out of academic interest, it is observed that most of the planets and Ascendant are under the control of Saturn. We look to it how?

Ascendant (Capricorn) and Rahu, Moon in Eclipse sign (Aquarius) belongs to Saturn

Sun, Ketu and Mercury conjunct with Saturn

Mars in angle with Saturn.

Venus aspecting the Ascendant, Capricorn sign of Saturn.

Jupiter transiting in Anuradha, star of Saturn

Saturn is the chief significator for the matters like economy, poverty, safety, democracy, lack of courage, emergency conditions, death of old people and overthrow of ruler, (when influenced by Mars) destruction of buildings, crops, mineral wealth, natural calamities etc. Eclipse will have an impact on these areas

In the eclipse chart, polarization of all afflictions is taking place in the 8th house and directly influencing the eclipse sign Aquarius. The eclipse is also falling in the 10th cusp of Indian Independence Chart. The dasa period being Rahu-Saturn-Mars in the eclipse chart indicates sudden and unprecedented developments leading to a major shift in political polarization.

Bangladesh: As the Ascendant falls in the eclipse sign. Aquarius, general conditions of the nation, state of home affairs, public health etc. will suffer. Differences between the two former Prime Ministers and arch rivals Begum Khalida Zia and Shaik Hasina will mount to a new height and caretaker Military Government may not think of reviving democracy for some more months. Corruption will run at all levels and foreign aid may not fetch through, in time.

Sri Lanka: Some more aerial attacks by Tamil Tigers are foreseen, causing devastating effects on the territory. There will be an adverse impact on the economy of the country. Some essential commodities will become scarce. Public life will be disturbed. Mars is heavily aspecting the 10th cusp in Srilanka’s eclipse chart thereby indicating no signs of peace resolution by the Government.

Nepal: Large number of thefts and robberies are foreseen. People from mountains will suffer a lot. Maoists will get upper hand in running the government. Economy will come down and the country will depend mainly on foreign aid.

China: World’s most popular country will have an adverse impact on the economy for some time. There will be a likely chance of collapse in Stock Markets. Export of Textile, Garments etc. may be put on low gear. Financial scandals may appear at highest level.

Japan: Earthquakes on destructive scale may occur. Violent attacks may also be targeted. Japan may have to face the tensions with the Anti Japanese sentiment growing in China.

Australia: Charitable Institutions may run into trouble. Health of an important person in the ruling Government may be suddenly affected. Some political elements may create trouble both to the people and the Government.

New Zealand: Criminal mentality may develop in the Country. Secret political enemies will organise plots against the country. Unseen and unexpected trouble from prisoners will arise. Benefic aspect of Jupiter on the Ascendant will bring the situation under control. Tourism, the main source of foreign exchange will suffer to some extent.

United States of America: Deaths will increase in the country, due to infectious deceases. There will be increased crime and violence against children. Huge amounts will be spent on its’ military operations and funding the war in Iraq. Terrorist strikes will hit the country. One or two earthquakes may happen in the west- coast area.

President George Bush will face stiff resistance for his international policies. Many soldiers will be killed in insurgent attacks in Iraq. Cyclones in Alaska Zone may disturb the National Missile Defence programme, the aim of which is to develop and deploy a defensive screen for the whole of the US, which would have the ability to track and destroy incoming ballistic missiles.

Argentina: This is the country, where early umbral phases of the lunar eclipse will be in progress at the Moonset and also western parts get exposed to partial solar eclipse. There will be discontent among people on poverty, low wages and state-sponsored repression. Many will continue to struggle, even after the recovery from economic crisis. Financial situation may be affected to haunt slogans in the cross-roads. Health problems may persist in the country.

Individuals: When an eclipse, solar or lunar takes place, all persons are advised to observe some rules regarding food, recreation, etc. Those persons whose natal star or sign is affected by this are, however, advised to perform some propitiatory rituals including donations. The period of eclipse is critical one, when mysterious cosmic forces are released, which when properly attuned through prayers and meditations lead to beneficial results.

Stars affected due to Eclipses Lunar Eclipse:

Satabisha, Uttarabhadra, Aswini, Krittika, Arudra, Pushya, Makha, Uttaraphalguni, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashada.

Solar Eclipse:

Poorvaphalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Sravana, Satabisha, Uttarabhadra, Bharani, Rohini, Arudra, Pushya.

Matsya purana enunciates remedial measures for Eclipses

Individual be advised to do the following remedial measures.

Take a pot (kumba) and fill it with clear water. Place Kusa grass in it with the mouth closed with a coconut and fresh mango leaves. Apply sandal paste and saffron to decorate along with flower garlands. This is also called “Kalasa”.

Collect clay and soil from five locations viz. Street junction, ant moles, near the feet of an elephant, hoof of cows and feet of yogis. Make a replica of a snake and place it in the pot.

Write the following mantra (seeking protection from Sun or Moon) on a palm leaf or a white duplex board of 6 to 7inchs to enable fastening around the head, covering temple or fore head of the native.

Mantra for Lunar Eclipse

Mantra for Lunar eclipse
Mantra for Lunar eclipse

Indranalo dandadharascha rikshaha prachethase vayu kubera isaha

Majjanma riskhe mama rasi samsthe

Somoparagam samayanthu sarve.


Mantra for Solar Eclipse

Mantra for Solar eclipse
Mantra for Solar eclipse

Indranalo dandadharascha rikshaha prachethase vayu kubera isaha

Majjanma riskhe mama rasi samsthe

Arkoparagam samayanthu sarve.

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