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Horoscope Matching

The technique of Gun Milan is widely used as the base phenomenon for Horoscope matching process. People have misconception about Vedic Jyotish being just Gun Milan. So all they seek for is Gun Milan score from an astrologer or a website to decide horoscope compatibility for matching. I have been spreading this information that gun Milan is just part of horoscope matching process and not entire matching process.  Gun Milan considers on Moon alone and so is not complete to suggest a match as placement of planets, navgrahas have not been considered. So let’s discuss the Horoscope Matching: the process.

Horoscope Matching
Horoscope Matching

Gun Milan is the significant process of matching which is at times considered as only process for horoscope matching by the people. The process of Gun Milan records the position of Moon as a sign in horoscope of Bride and groom and then based on the position, a score is assigned. This score can go maximum up to 36 and minimum acceptable score for matching is 18. Higher the score more is the match suitable. A score of less than 18 is considered a mismatch. In the process of gun Milan 8 koots or aspects known as Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha, Gan, Bhakut and Nadi are considered for the sole purpose of assigning scores. Koots and Gunas collectively form a score of 36. Hence, for Horoscope matching process, the final score act as the sole decision criteria.

The point to be noted here is that Gun Milan counts the placement of moon and at the same time ignores other planets of Navgrahas which makes the process unreliable and questions its creditability. It is risky and should be avoided; prediction or the entire lives of twin individuals should be dealt with serious consideration of all the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras. Let’s take an example of a horoscope with any of Dosh among these like Kuja Dosha, Anant Sarpa Dosha, Kulik Sarpa Dosha, Takshak Sarpa Dosha or Karkotak Sarpa Dosha in horoscope. These change the results of matching process and can lead to as terrible as the failure of the marriage if not considered in depth and wisely. Same way if any yog like Manglik Yog, Malavya yoga or any other yoga is present in a horoscope, it can lead the marriage to survive all odds even though they had low score of Gun Milan. These all are important for the horoscope matching process and should be considered before making predictions.

The first step of horoscope matching process is to analyze horoscope of bride and groom individually. This is done in order to find the planetary combinations, signs, nakshatras, yogas or doshas present in the horoscope that can have positive or negative effects on the horoscope. For example, let’s take the horoscope of the groom, if shows that the groom has potential of financial and professional success in life, this is considered as plus point in matching horoscope while some negative attributes or doshas hinders the match. In this pattern, all the good as well as bad points related to marriage should be observed and noted in order to graduate to the next step of horoscope matching of the bride or the group that is supposed to be the other half. In the last and third step the negative and positive attributes are counted from both the bride and groom’s horoscope and proposed a match accordingly.

For further simplification, if the horoscope of both the boy and girl or bride and the groom shows good financial prosperity, the marriage is considered good and safe on financial point of view. Same is the case when other values are considered, for example, if the bride or groom any of the either has bad yog for the birth of child and other half as very good chances, then it is predicted that the couple may face difficulties in giving birth to their child and may face delays but finally the good shall overcome the negativities. Same applies for other Doshas like Nadi Dosh present in horoscope matching which  indicates potential  death of one or both the partners; one should not panic and jump to conclusions if this dosh occurs. In this case if both the horoscope show good and positive lifespan then Nandi dosh becomes mild and effects may be ignored and the couple is free from any kind of threats.

Another Dosh that is important and to be checked is Bhakut Dosh that affects the financial conditions of one or both the natives.  Horoscopes must be precisely checked and read for this dosh as it affects the marriage adversely.  So other than just score of Gun Milan all he doshas and other factors must be checked thoroughly in order to predict accurate matching of horoscopes. At times high gun Milan score leads to failure and threats and even when low gun Milan score, married life of the couple prospers.

The next step of the matching process is to fix the timing of the marriage according to the horoscopes of the couple. This is a significant yet most ignored step that leads to disaster. I have personally accounted many cases where bad timings have led to failure of the marriage. Let’s understand this better with the example of Kujra Dosh. If this Dosh is present in the horoscope of either the groom or the bride and it shows the marriage is not suitable and likely to be broken in coming two years. It is advised to postpone the marriage in order to reduce the strength of the effect and have happy and unaffected married life ahead. Another case is if the Dosh is present in either of groom or bride and suggests the possible effect shall last for corresponding 6 years but the horoscope of other half’s shows positive and good married life signs for next 4 years. The couple should marry immediately as the positivity shall overcome negativity of Kujra Dosh. Also the effects of Kujra dosh are most likely to effect in first two years of the marriage that can be overcome by positive effects from the horoscopes of other half.

In final and last step of Matching Process, remedies for Doshas like Kuja Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Nadi Dosh, Bhakut Dosh are suggested that can range from the use of gemstone to chanting of mantras and getting pooja performed.  All the steps of matching process are important and should be performed with care and precision for effective and accurate results.

Horoscope Matching– Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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