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Horoscope and Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Horoscope and Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

The bewitching beauty of the Bollywood film industry, Bhanurekha or Rekha. as is popularly known, was born on 10th October 1954 at 11 AM at Chennai to veteran Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan and Telugu/Tamil actress Pushpavalli . Rekha did not lead a very fulfilled childhood and had to toil hard in the film studios at a tender age of 13. She hit the silver screen as a child artist in ‘Rangula Ratnam’ a Telugu movie in 1966. Her appearance as a heroine kick-started with the release of two films in 1970, viz, ‘ Ammakosam ‘ , a Telugu film and ‘ Sawan Badhon ‘, a Hindi Film . Initially the critics were harsh on her on the grounds of her colour, plump figure and inadequate knowledge of Hindi. But paradoxically she was flooded with film offers, immediately after the release of her first film.Rekha- Horoscope analysis by vinayak bhatt

Withen a short span of time, she transformed herself into a slim beauty through yoga, exercise, regular nutritious diet, etc. and learnt Hindi and dancing. She acted in more than 50 films as heroine and quite a large number of them were box-office hits. She continues to act in films, now not as heroine, but in character roles. She ruled the root for a whopping three decades thereby the heartthrob of millions of Indian cine-goers. She was the undisputed No.1 of 80’s . She got National Award for ‘Unarao Jaan’ . She won Film fare Best Actress Award twice for her roles in Khoobshurat (1981) and khoon Bhari Maang (1987).  She got Film fare Award for Best supporting Actress for her role in  ‘Khiladiyon ka Khiladi’ (1997). She also got nominations for Filmfare  Awards for some other films. She received Life-time Achievement Award. ‘ Bollywood diva Rekha’  in 2003. Even at the age of 53, remains an ageless icon of beauty and glamour. The legendary actress looks younger and younger with every passing spring. Her birth-chart is given below”

Rekha has two great Pacha mahapurusha yogas (Hasa Yoga and Sasa Yoga). Hansa yoga occurs because Jupiter is in exaltation in her chart. According to Jataka deshamarga, this yoga bestows, among other things, charming looks, fame,  wealth, happiness , respect, recognition by government, warmth in speech, generous by disposition and long life (Chapter 8 , sloka 4).  According to Phaladipika, the native having this yoga will possess a well-formed body (Chapter 6, Sloka 3)

Rekha has Sasa yoga. According to Jataka deshmarga, the native having this yoga inter alia will be royal favourite, devoted to mother and dark by complexion (ibid sloka 6). Phaladipika Saya that a person born with Sasa Yoga will be praised by one and all, will have faithful attendants and be strong (ibid sloka 4).

In Phaladipika (sloka 4, chapter 6 ), it is stated taht a native having two Pancha mahapurusha yogas will be ‘ like a king ‘ . This is also supported by Satyacharya, who says that when lord of 9th house is placed in 10th house, the person born will be king , equal to a king, minister or a commander-in-chied and will be respected by people. In her horoscope , lord of 9th house is Sun and is placed in the 10th house. Rekha being a female, has been virtually like a Queen of Bollywood.

Planet’s Position at Birth Time


Planet Sign Degree Position Lord Nakshatra Pad Lord S. Lord
Asc Sagittarius 02 28 17 Jup Mula 1 Ket Ven
Sun Virgo 23 09 02 Neutrl Mer Hasta 4 Mon Sun
Mon Aquarius 25 24 05 Neutrl Sat P.Bhadrapada 2 Jup Mer
Mar Sagittarius 29 41 07 Friend Jup U.Asadha 1 Sun Rah
Mer Libra 18 05 08 Friend Ven Swati 4 Rah Sun
Jup Cancer 04 28 25 Exl Mon Pushya 1 Sat Sat
Ven Scorpio 02 39 54 Neutrl Mar Vishakha 4 Jup Rah
Sat Libra 15 48 15 Exl Ven Swati 3 Rah Ven
Rah (R) Sagittarius 16 24 11 Neutrl Jup P.Asadha 1 Ven Mon
Ket (R) Gemini 16 24 11 Neutrl Mer Ardra 3 Rah Ven
Ura Cancer 04 12 41 Mon Pushya 1 Sat Sat
Nep Libra 02 12 57 Ven Chitra 3 Mar Ket
Plu Leo 02 58 52 Sun Magha 1 Ket Ven
Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa  23: 13: 31 Degree
True Position of Rahu and Ketu are given


Horoscope of Bollywood Actress Rekha. Horoscope Analysis by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt
Horoscope of Bollywood Actress Rekha. Horoscope Analysis by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt



Siblings and Father Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

She has six sisters and a brother, If Aquarius is the 3rd house and Saturn is strong (here he is in exaltation), the native will have many younger sisters. Further, Venus is the lord of the 6th, posited favourably in the 12th house, Venus is feminine and is the lord of the 11th house; hence the native has a Rekha horoscope analysis by vinayak bhattgood number of elder sisters. She has only one brother. Planets in the 11th indicates gain of the traits of the house of which they are lords. Here Satrun is the lord of 3rd house. So existence of younger brother and sister is indicated.

When the 9th house and the lord of 9th house are strong, afther of the native would have health,wealth and long life and honour. In her chart , 9th house is aspected by a a benefic Moon. Lord of 9th house , Sun, is favourably placed in the 10th house. Sun, significator for father is the lord of the 9th house (Bhagyasthan) . Sun is unafflicited . Therefore, her father, Gemini Ganesan, was wealthy, lived beyond 80 years and was famous, having received many honours including Padmasri.


Acting talent and showbiz Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Her horoscope has many indications for her attraction to film industry and also for her great acting talent. For being an actress, Mercury, Venus, Mars, 1st and 5th house and their lords should be favourable. In her horoscope, Mercury, which gives the necessary ability, is in the house of Venus, which is the planet of grace, beauty and fine dress. Further Mercury in the 10th house from Moon is said to make one an artist, famous, wealthy and wise. Mars, which makes one an energetic personality, is in the kagna. 4th house being Pisces, if the lord of the 4th house Jupiter is strong, the native will be highly talented, popular, wealthy and wise. Here Jupiter is exalted and aspected by another exalted planet Saturn. Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra links ‘pleasure’ to 5th house(Chapter 24, shloka 113). Jataka Parijata says that the planet Mercury has special relation to ‘pleasure resorts’, which includes cinema halls (chapter 2, shloka 24). So the association between the 5th house and Mercury indicates ‘film line’. In Rekha’s chart, Mercury aspects the 5th house. it is stated that Taurus, being the house of Venus ,is karaka for acting and in her chart, Venus is aspecting Taurus. At the Age of 13, when she started her career as a child srtist, Saturn’s sub-period in Saturn mahadasha was running. Saturn is in exaltation. He is the lord of the 2nd house and is in the 11th (Labhasthan). All these have led her to a successful film career.

After being a heroine for a large number of films, in recent years. She dons diverse roles as villain, grandmother, courtesan, etc. exhibiting her versatility. She steals the show, irrespective of the length of her role and commands a huge fan-following even today.

Recognition in the film industry Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

  1. When lagna, lord of lagna, 10th house, lord of the 10th house and Sun (Karaka for honour and fame) are strong, the native gets honour and fame in life. According to Uttarakalamritha, 10th house gives fame to the native (Chapter 5, shloka 18). Here, the lagna is afflicted , but Lord of the lagna, Jupiter, is in exaltation and is strengthened by the the aspect of exalted Saturn. In the 10th house, which is considered to be the chief among Kendras, 9th lord Sun is posited and Sun is favourably posited in the 10th house. Lord of 10th house, Mercury, is in the Labhasthan, with exalted Saturn.

  2. As she has Hamsa Yoga, she became famous (Jatakadesha Marg, Chapter 8, Shloka 4).

  3. According to Deva Keralam, if Sun is in the 10th house, the native will be successful in all undertakings. Here, Sun in the 10th house, strong and unafflicated has made her powerful and a person of social status. In her chart, Sun, which is the lord of the 9th house (Bhagyasthana) is in the 10th house.

  4. For mass popularity, 4th house, its lord, Moon and Saturn are to be studied. Here the 4th house is aspected by Sun, karaka for fame and honour, 4th lord jupiter, is exalted and is aspected by another exalted and is aspected by another exalted planet Saturn. As is known, Saturn represents masses and it is posited in the 11th house of gain. Moon is free of any affliction.

  5. It is said that when Sun or Mars is placed in the 10th house, one becomes a favourite of the people .Due to many such factors, there is no wonder why she has been quite famous.

Complexion Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

She was quite dark in colour. When Saturn and Rahu (both planets are dark) influence, by association or aspect, viz., lagna and its lord, the face and the body, the colour of the native will be dark. Here Saturn aspects the lagna and the lagna lord Jupiter . Rahu is in the lagna itself. Further, according to Jataka Deshmaraga, those who have Sasa Yoga, by complexion , they will be dark (Chapter 8, shloka 6).

WhenWhen Jupiter is afflicted as the lord of lagna, it would indicate loss of fat in the body. Here Jupiter is the lord of the lagna and is aspected by malefics Saturn and Mars, Though initially plump in size, Rekha had transformed herself into a slim beauty, by shedding a lot of fat through various interventions.

Her horoscope has a number of combination indicating good income. These are-

  1. Aspect of exalted Jupiter (karaka for wealth) on the 2nd house, house of wealth.
  2. moon, a benefic, aspects the 9th house (Bhgyasthan).
  3. The 2nd lord (Dhanasthan), Satrun , is in exaltation and is posited in the Labhasthan (11th house). According to Sarvatha Chintamani , so she will have good wealth, but her earnings are through her own sweat and by her own efforts.
  4. Planets in the 11th house indicated gain of the house of which thet are lords. In Rekha’s horoscope, Saturn, lord of the 2nd house (house of wealth) is in the 11th house .
  5. As stated earlier, she has Hansa Yoga,which has made her wealthy.

Her horoscope gives indication about her investment in properties. When the 4th house and its lord are strong and saturn has link with the lord of lagna, the native owns landed property. Here the 4th house is aspected by Mars, lord of lagna and the 4th house jupiter , is in exaltation. It has a link with Saturn due to Saturn’s aspect. Further, Saturn in the 11th being strong , gives landed property.

Martial Life Predictions for Bollywood Actress Rekha by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

IfI lords of 12th and 5th houses and Rahu have influence on the 6th house and the lord of the 7th house is in the 11th house, then more than one spouse is indicated . In her horoscope, lords of the 5th and the 12th house and Rahu are together in the lagna , but have no association with the 6th houe. However, lord of the 7th house os in the 11th house. She married Mukesh Agarwal. These were whispers about her alleged wedlock with hindi actor Vinod Mehra also, thugh Rekha termed him as her well wisher.


Name Rekha Gr.Father
Sex Female Father
Date Of Birth 10/10/1954 Mother
Day Of Birth Sunday Caste
Time Of Birth 11:00:00  Hrs Gotra
 (In Ghati) 12:32:15  Ghati
Place Of Birth Madras , India
Latitude 013.06 Vikram Samvat 2011
Longitude 080.18 Saka Samvat 1876
Timezone -05.30  Hrs Month Ashwina
Time Correction 00.00  Hrs Lunar Paksha Sukla
Local Birth Time 10:51:12  Hrs Lunar Tithi 13
Local Birth Date 10/10/1954 Tithi At Sunrise 13
Sun Rise 5: 59: 5  Hrs Tithi Ending Time 17:35:11 Hrs
Sunset 17: 53: 46  Hrs Nak. At Sunrise P.Bhadrapada
Day Duration 11: 54: 40  Hrs Nak. Ending Time 23:55:48 Hrs
Sidereal Time 12: 4: 21  Hrs Yoga At Sunrise Vriddhi
Bhayat 22:14:47  Ghati Yoga Ending Time 23:23:56 Hrs
Bhabhog 54:34:14  Ghati Karan At Sunrise Kaulava
Season Sharad Karan Ending Time 7:2:22 Hrs
Balance Of Dasha Jup 9Y 6M 7D
Lagan Sagittarius Month Chaitra
Lagan Lord Jupiter Tithi 3- 8- 13
Sign Aquarius Day Thursday
Sign Lord Saturn Nakshatra Ardra
Nakshatra P.Bhadrapada Yoga Ganda
Nakshatra Lord Jupiter Karan Kintughna
Charan 2 Prahar 3
Paya(Mon-Nak) Copper-Copper Varga Swan(Dog)
Yoga Vriddhi Moon Gemini
Karan Taitila
Gan Manushya
Yoni Simha
Nadi Addi Lucky Day Thursday
Varan Sudra Lucky No. 5
Vashya Manushya Lucky Color Copper Color
Varg Medha Lucky Stone Ruby
Name Alphabet So Metal For Stone Copper
Yuja Antya Finger For Stone Ring Finger
Hansak Vayu (Third From Thumb)

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt has predicted the various Bollywood celebrity’s future. One of them famous actress is Miss Rekha. He has predicted that her fame in Bollywood- Acting Career, personal life-father and siblings. He is well known Astrologer from last 25 year. He is world famous astrologer because of his accurate prediction of famous personalities. He has researched the Vedic science and studied the Vedic astrology. He belong to south India.

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