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Gemstones and their energy based on 9 planets are as follows-

Ruby stone (Manik):  This is gemstone of the Sun which varies from light pink to mystic deep red in color. It gives good effect like success, fame, immunity, vitality; professional front if suited and if not, can result from financial problems to physical like diseases. Ruby stone is prescribed to wear on index finger and on Sunday mornings after bath.

Pearl (Moti): Gemstone of the Moon which has a hint of pink to blue to even black color in appearance. It is considered Queen or Mother of all the planets and is formed in shellfish with oysters and mussels. It blesses the native with happiness, comfort, luxury and good mental health among as it benefits and are usually worn on the ring or little finger on Monday mornings after the prayers.

Yellow Sapphire (PukhRaj): This Gemstone of Jupiter which is light to deep yellow in color. Yellow Sappihre stone results in growth financially, well being and good memory power to the native upon suiting. It is generally worn on the Index finger or the Ring finger after Thursday prayers.

White Sapphire: Gemstone of Venus which is generally colorless. It blesses the wearer with luxuries, comforts, charming personality and results in happiness. It is preferred to be worn on Middle or Little finger after Friday morning’s prayers. At times diamond is suggested as an alternative but White sapphire ring works better over it.

Red Coral (Moonga) : Red Coral belongs to Marsand is  made of skeletal remains of  marine animals. It comes in variety of colors from red to vermilion to pink and sometimes white. If suited it blesses the native with power, courage, friendships and good houses. It is generally worn on the Ring finger or the Index finger after Tuesday morning prayers.

Blue Sapphire ( Neelam) : The most attractive and feared gemstone that belongs to planet most feared, Saturn. It is known widespread for the bad effects and people are generally afraid to wear it but it can results in wonder if it suits you. Blue Sapphire stone varies in from light blue to deep blue in color and supposedly blesses you with wealth, luxury, health benefits and every possible good thing if it suits you. It is advised to be worn on middle finger after Saturday morning prayers.

Hessonite (Gomed): This gemstone of Rahu (North Node) and is light honey c to dark honey in color. It promises sudden fortunes like winning of lotteries and stock markets success, and other prompt wins to the wearer. But it may prove to be disastrous if it doesn’t suits. It can cause ulcers, tumours, cancers and madness as the ill effect. In my experience, it is not suitable for maximum number of people say 70 to 80 percent. So one should be careful while wearing this Gemstone and monitor its effects closely. In case of unusual affects like sudden misfortunes, sudden diseases, extreme short temperedness and insomnia, it is advised to wear it off. It should be worn on middle finger on day as prescribed by astrologer.

Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya): Gemstone of  Ketu (North Node) which varies in  many colors from yellow to green to brown and again can prove counter disastrous results if not suited. It is known as Cat’s eye because of moving white line across it that gives such effect. This gemstone builds Career, Business, Spiritualism and Meditation as a blessing if suited. It should be worn over little or middle finger by consulting the astrologer.


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