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Gemstones and Misconceptions

Gemstones have been used as a beautiful ornament since ancient times. Most of the wearers of gemstone have been wearing them for the flashy, luring, attractive looks it gives to the native. People wear them for show without any recommendation from experts and face threats and side effects due to gemstones misconceptions. Gemstone use should be done under guidance of Vedic expert according the horoscope for the strengthening of planet exclusively. Gemstones provide variety of benefits and good luck and are prescribed by astrologers by studying different permutation and combinations in horoscope of a person. It depends on the methodology that astrologer applies to study horoscope that makes him suggest what kind of gemstones to wear. Let’s have some light on those methodology and misconceptions.Coloured-Gems

SUN SIGNS                                                             Gemstones are recommended by astrologers by assigning same gemstone to the person born in particular period of time in month which is known as his sun sign.  This is widely used by astrologers today while recommending gemstones and do not benefits the native at times. This theory do not find its way for most of the people as if one considers only sun sign, it categories all the people into 12 groups. This is not possible as people born in same period of time vary differently in nature, luck and skill, they can’t be restricted into 12 groups only. For example – a person born during the first half of April every year will have his Sun Sign as Aries and hence the same gemstones will be suitable for all the people born or to be born

during this period of time every year.  This seems foolish as there are many permutation and combinations in horoscope that helps predict a native’s nature and which gemstone to choose. One cannot predict a gemstone before birth for a native that’s done according to this theory.


According to this theory gemstones are recommended on the basis of same date of a month. It is believed that people born on same date share same luck and fortune and hence same gemstone shall prove lucky for them. This theory is quiet unconvincing as history is the witness, people born on same date vary in their date of birth, great leaders, persons have different luck even if born on same date. It should be avoided recommending gemstones on the basis of date of birth which may prove harmful to the user if not suited.


This is another widespread theory that’s considered safe by astrologers and wisely chosen while prescribing gemstones. According to this theory ascendant is found by seeing native’s date of birth and gemstones are recommended according to it. For example- if someone’s horoscope has Aquarius as ascendant, which means that the sign first house of his horoscope, Blue Sapphire is the safest gemstone for this person and is prescribed to wear. This should be avoided as I have personally seen people suffer huge loss by wearing gemstones of ascendant.


This is another widespread concept in which gemstones are prescribed according to birth nakshatra or constellation of a person. Birth nakshatra constellation of moon at the time of birth of particular native, gemstones are prescribed according to the lord present in nakshatra. For example if someone has moon in ‘Pushya’ nakshatra, Saturn is considered as benefic planet and gemstone of Saturn is recommended to wear. This theory as limited scope and all one need is to fill detail in software of computer and assign gemstones.


According to this theory gemstones are provided on the basis of ruling period of time of a planet. This theory does not consider the nature of planet weather it is positive or negative for the native. This theory may prove very lethal for the native as if a negative planet gemstone is prescribed, it may prove in disastrous effect. Gemstones based on this theory shall be avoided by the natives gemstone provide additional energy to the planet and if the planet is negative for a native, it would be dangerous for him.

Last but not the least, gemstones are suggested on the basis of negative planet.  This theory suggests wearing gemstones of negative planet for you and is completely wrong. Gemstones do not change function of planet; they cannot make a planet positive for a person. So gemstones shall be prescribed very carefully by studying the horoscope in detail with Vedic astrology for the person to get benefits from it.

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