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Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja

Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja has technical process and Gandmool Dosh is formed due to placement of moon in specific position in Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola and Revati nakshatra in the birth horoscope of a native. They cause serious troubles and problems to the native depending upon the strength of the Dosh. It is believed that visiting to specific places like Ujjain, Haridwar, Gayaji or Badrinath dham and performing pooja shall decrease the strength of this dosh. What actually should be done and the process for Gandmool Dosh Nivaran pooja is discussed thoroughly in the article below.

The process for Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja is bit technical and should be performed by expert pundits. It is performed to decrease the strength of malefic planets in the horoscope and is not a single step pooja that may differ for different natives. First step is to detect as to which nakshatra is forming the Dosh in order o perform correct and precise Gandmool  Dosh Nivarna Pooja. This step should be performed with great attention and detailing as if one fails to detect exact reason and nakshatra, the pooja shall remain of no value. It is to be checked that Moon is placed in which nakshatra of birth horoscope out of 6 nakshatras. Each nakshatra in birth horoscope has its own Ved mantra that becomes the sole mantra for native for Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja. For example let,s consider Gandmool dosh which has been formed due to presence of Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra in his horoscope, hence the Veda mantra for Ashlesha mantra becomes the Gandmool Dosh Nivaran Mantra in this case. This is te second step n Pooja.

Next step is to decide the day to start the pooja which is a tricky job as on average the pooja can be started only on one specific day of entire month. This is because the pooja needs to be finished when moon is present again in the birth nakshatra of the native. So a specific day is selected 5 to 10 days prior to the commencement of the pooja depending upon the time committed by the pundits to finish Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja.

There is something else that’s need to be done before any of the steps involved in the pooja. Few items like, water from 108 different places, soil from 108 different places and leaves of 108 different trees or plants are to be collected and needed for the Pooja for successful completion. This is of utmost importance and expert pundits keep these items ready in advance to the start of pooja. If the items are not ready then pundits should arrange hose. Many pundits believe only water is enough and leaves rest of their articles which is not correct. The count of 27 stands for 27 nakshatras and the count of 108 stands for all 108 parts or padas of 27 nakshatras as each nakshatra have 4 padas and hence 27 nakshatras will have 108 padas. After making all the arrangements in prescribed manner one can start Gandmool Dosh nivarna Pooja.

gandmool dosh nivaran-yantra puja
Gandmool dosh nivaran yantra puja

Most important and difficult part in any pooja is to perform the chant of mantras. Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja generally includes a chant of 125,000 Gandmool Dosh nivaran mantra which is Ashlesha nakshatra ved mantra in this example and rest of the procedure is built around this chant. The pooja commences with an oath or Sankalpam by head pundit where he takes the name of native on whose behalf pooja is being done. He also takes the name of assistant pundits, native’s father and other special requests that are made by th native. After the mantras have been chanted, a completion ceremony is organized where the head pundits says that they have performed he pooja in specific way in commited time and the native should be blessed by the gods as he has also followed all the rules of Gandmool  Dosh Nivarna pooja. Things related to Ashelsha nakshatra and things related to some other specific planets are the donated and a mixture of water, leaves and soil from 108 or 27 different sources is then made and it is energized with the help of certain specific Vedic procedures and then this pooja is completed in its first phase. After completion of this pooja, the blessings are taken from the gods and goddesses and then the final ceremony of Havana is started. Offerings in the form of pooja samagri are devoted to holy flower with the enchantment of mantras with the end sound as swaaha. After this the native is asked to complete from 1 to 3 to 7 circles of the havan kund or the holy fire. This marks the completion of pooja.

In order to be blessed by this pooja native has to follow some rules and adhere to precautions instructed. He native should eat only vegetarian food and should avoid from consumption of alcohol or smoking. He should refrain from sexual intercourse with his or her partner weather married or unmarried. He should participate in the pooja and enchant the mantras with the pundits. It should be noted that the Gandmool dosh  Nivarna pooja can be completed in or with our presence of the native where an assistant pundit enchants the mantra on his behalf and natives photo is used as the symbol.

Gandmool Dosh Nivarna Pooja – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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