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How to Consider Gemstone Weight ?

Gemstone weight, what is the correct weight to wear? This question has been repeatedly tormented our client. Gemstones are an effective piece of remedy and a person can feel its effect almost immediately after wearing it. To know the correct weight and size of a gemstone one should consult an ...

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Gemstones and Misconceptions

Gemstones have been used as a beautiful ornament since ancient times. Most of the wearers of gemstone have been wearing them for the flashy, luring, attractive looks it gives to the native. People wear them for show without any recommendation from experts and face threats and side effects due to ...

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Mechanism of Gemstones

The Mechanism of Gemstones Astrology by Vinayak Bhatt Gemstones are shiny piece of popular devices which are considered very powerful objects in astrology. They were used widely since ancient times by the kings and queens for the hope of good fortune and to cast away the evil spirits. What makes it ...

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How to wear gemstones?

How to wear gemstones? After you know which gemstone to wear, one wonders how to wear. What are the procedures and correct manner? The answers to such questions are discussed in detail but first let’s see the specific days prescribed to wear these gemstones which are as follows- Ruby – ...

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GEMSTONES AND THIER EFFECTS Gemstones and their energy based on 9 planets are as follows- Ruby stone (Manik):  This is gemstone of the Sun which varies from light pink to mystic deep red in color. It gives good effect like success, fame, immunity, vitality; professional front if suited and if ...

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