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Astrology or Jyotish as Science By Vinayak Bhatt

It is necessary to know that Astrology or Jyotish as Science from a scientific point of view the whole solar family is born out of the sun. The moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the rest of the planets, including this earth, are all organic parts of the sun. Slowly, life on earth came into being – from plants to man. Man is an organic part of the earth; the earth is an organic part of the sun. It is like a mother who has a daughter, who in turn also has a daughter, and in all three of them the same blood flows. Their bodies are made up of similar cells.

The scientists use a word, empathy, meaning shared sensitivity. Those things that are born from the same source have a sort of shared inner experience. Out of the sun the earth is born, and out of the earth our bodies are born, and far away the sun is our great grandparent. Whatsoever happens on the sun creates a vibration in every cell of our bodies. It must be that way because our cells are all born out of the sun. The sun appears to be a great distance away but it is not so far. In every element of our blood and in every particle of our bones, live the atoms of the sun. We are part of the sun, so it is no wonder that in our lives we are influenced by the sun.Science-versus-Astrology

There is a sort of empathy between the sun and ourselves. If we understand this empathy properly, we shall enter into one dimension of astrology. Some experiments on empathy can be conducted when two children born of the some egg are placed in separate rooms. During the last fifty years many of these kind of experiments have been conducted. The twins were put into separate rooms, a bell was rung, and the children told to write or draw whatsoever they first thought of when the bell was rung. This was repeated twenty times, and it was observed with great wonder that ninety percent of the pictures drawn by the twins were similar. The thought stream produced in one child on the ringing of the bell, and the word or picture brought about by that thought, would be the same as in the other twin. This similarity of experience is described by scientists as empathy. There is so much similarity between twins that they even speak alike. Within the bodies of two such children there is an inner communication or dialogue which flows through some unknown channels. Between the sun and the earth also there are communication bridges like this, and every moment messages are being passed across these bridges. And similarly, communication bridges exist between the earth and man. So there is a continuous communication between man, the earth and the sun. But that communication is very mysterious; it is inner and subtle.

Let us understand something about this also. There is a research centre in America known as the Tree Ring Research Center. If you cut down a tree you will find a number of rings or circles drawn across the cut surface. The beautiful decorative designs in the grain of wooden furniture are due to these circles. This research centre has been working for the last fifty years on the formation of these rings. Professor Douglas, the center’s director, who has spent a major part of his life studying them, has discovered a number of facts. Ordinarily, all of us know that the age of the tree can be calculated from the number of these circles. Every year one new ring is born; one new layer is made within the tree every year. If the tree is fifty years old, if it has seen fifty autumns, then there are fifty rings formed inside the tree. But it is surprising to know that these rings also indicate what sort of seasons there were in a particular year. If the seasons were more hot or wetter than usual, the ring formation is broader. If the seasons were cold and dry, the ring is not so wide. It is possible to know when there were strong rains, when there was drought and when the seasons were very cold. If Buddha said that there was good rainfall in a particular year, the bodhi tree under which he sat would confirm the truth of it. Buddha might have made a mistake, but the tree could not. The tree ring will be wider or thinner, indicating the type of season that particular year.

astrology as science

While conducting his research, Professor Douglas reached still another conclusion which was far beyond anything he could have anticipated. He observed that the rings are wider every eleventh year – and every eleventh year there is maximum nuclear activity on the sun, the sun becomes more active. It is as if it has a periodic rhythm and its radioactivity is at a maximum then. During such a year a tree makes a wider ring – not in one forest or in one place or country, but all over the earth all trees behave similarly in order to protect themselves from the intensified radioactivity. To protect itself from the excessive power that is released by the sun, the tree grows a thicker skin every eleventh year. Due to this phenomenon, a new phrase, ”climate of the earth,” has been coined by scientists. The seasons are different at different places: somewhere it is raining, somewhere it is extremely cold and somewhere it is very hot. But with regard to this eleventh year, this new term, ”climate of the earth” was coined by Professor Douglas. Due to the sun’s radioactivity every eleventh year, there is a similarity of experience all over the earth. We might not notice it, but the trees do.

There is a gradual decrease in the width of the tree rings that are formed after the eleventh year, and after five years there is again a gradual increasing in width up to the eleventh year. If the trees are so sensitive that they can carefully record an event happening on the sun, then isn’t it possible that in the mind of man also there might be some layer indicative of the sun’s activity? Isn’t it possible that man’s body might have a subtle sensitivity to the sun’s activity? Isn’t it possible that in some way rings take shape deep within the human personality? Until now scientists have not been able to find such records in man’s body, but it doesn’t seem possible that man’s body wouldn’t record such activity.

Astrology is an investigation into the possibility that changes in the universe have also been recorded in man. But it is not as easy to investigate the body of man because it cannot be cut open like a tree. To cut open a human being is a very delicate and dangerous affair. And because man has a mind, it is not the body which registers events in this way, but the mind. The tree has no mind, and so its body has to register the events. One more point is also worth noting, Just as there are radio-active storms on the sun every eleventh year, similarly, there is another periodic rhythm of ninety years on the sun. This has only come to light recently, but it is a scientific fact and it is as surprising as the periodic rhythm occurring each eleven years. Astrologers do not mention anything about this, but I am telling you to make it easier for you to understand astrology in a scientific manner. There is a cycle of ninety years which has been experienced, and its story is quite amazing.

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Vinayak Bhatt is highly learned personality and has pursued his studies in MCA and has also completed the studies of M.SC. He has studied and researched in vedic science very deeply. He has investigated into changes in the universe have also been recorded in man. Astrology or jyotish is science which define the moon, Jupiter, and rest of the planets, including this earth, are all organic parts of the sun and life on earth came into being- from planets of the sun. He is the best leading vedic astrologer with great experience.

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