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Astrology or Jyotish as Science 2 By Vinayak Bhatt

Astrology or Jyotish as Science 

Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian Pharaoh told his scientists to keep a record of how often the water in the River Nile increases or decreases and by how much. The River Nile is the only river in the world with a biography four thousand years old. A record has been kept of when the water level in the river increased or decreased by even one inch. This record runs from the time of the Pharaohs, four thousand years ago, until today. ”Pharaoh” is the name given to an Egyptian emperor and means the sun in the Egyptian language. There was a belief in Egypt that a continuous dialogue existed between the sun and the River Nile. The Pharaohs, who were devotees of the sun, declared that a complete record of the Nile should be kept. They said, ”We know nothing about the sun at present, but some day we will, and this record will be useful.” So everything about the River Nile for four thousand years has been recorded: the increase in the water level, when there were floods and when there were none…. And one Egyptian scholar, Tasman, compiled its history.

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Some things that were not known in the times of the Pharaohs are now known and everything that has happened in the Nile has been compared with events on the sun. A ninety-year rhythm has been clearly indicated to relate to happenings on the sun. These events are quite similar to what we call birth and death. Understand it this way: the sun grows for forty-five years and then begins to decline in age for forty- five years. For forty-five years the energy flow within the sun increases towards a peak of youth. After forty-five years there is a receding flow of energy, as within a human being. After ninety years the sun becomes very old. During the later forty-five years, the earth is struck with earthquakes. Earthquakes are related to this ninety-year cycle. At the end of the ninetieth year, the sun again becomes youthful. This is a very important cyclical occurrence.

There are such immense changes happening on the sun that it is natural for the earth also to be shaken. When a body as huge as the earth becomes upset by earthquakes because of changes on the sun, how can the small body of a man remain unaffected? This is the question astrologers have been asking. They say it is impossible for the body of man to remain unaffected. Children that are born during those forty-five years when the sun is growing in youth are wonderfully healthy. But those children that are born during the forty-five years when the sun is growing old cannot be in sound health. The condition of children born during the period when the sun is on the downward path is like that of a ship that has to travel east when the winds are blowing west – a great deal of physical effort is needed to move the oars. The sails do not work so the helmsman has to work harder. It is like swimming against the current.

The sun is the vital energy source for the whole solar family. When it is old, whosoever happens to be young has to swim against the current. He has to undergo a great strain. When the sun is in its youthful period, the entire solar family is filled with energy and is moving toward its peak. Whosoever is born then is in a ship that is sailing in the direction of the wind. No effort is necessary. Neither the oars nor the rudder have to be moved: the sails have only to be opened and the ship is moved by the winds.

During this period there is a minimum of disease prevalent on the earth. When the sun is growing old there are the maximum number of diseases. The River Nile’s historical record of four thousand years shows that there is an increase of water flowing in it during the forty-five years when the sun is in its youth. When the sun is becoming old, the water level in the Nile drops. It also becomes weaker and older then. Man is not separate from this world, he is one united whole with it. Not even the best watches tell the time accurately. It takes twenty-three hours and fifty-six minutes for the earth to make one revolution around its axis. On the basis of this time period we have devised a day of twenty-four hours. Our man-made watches may falter, but so far the earth has not been known to have ever taken one second more or less in completing a revolution. We did not have any totally accurate means to study this phenomenon, so we only made rough estimates. But when the sun’s cycle of ninety years is completed, and when the sun readjusts for a new cycle, the timing of the clocks on the earth is disturbed.

At the time when the sun experiences increased radioactivity, during its eleven-year cycle, our clocks falter. Whenever the earth comes under the influence of such external forces its inner rhythm is disturbed. New cosmic influences like a star, a meteor, or a comet passing near the earth also disturbs it. On a cosmic scale, things very far away in the sky are really very near, because everything is interconnected in an invisible way. However, the ability of our language to express this phenomenon is very weak, because when we say that a star has come a little nearer to our sun, we think about this in the ordinary sense of one person coming nearer to another. However, the distances are very great.

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But even a slight change in the distances between cosmic objects and the axis of the earth will be disturbed – although we may not even be aware of this. To disturb the earth, a great force is required. Even for a one-inch deviation on the earth, powerful cosmic bodies are required to pass near its orbit. When these great cosmic bodies pass near the earth, they also pass near us. When the earth is shaken, it is not possible that the trees that grow on it are not shaken. It is not possible that the human being living and walking on it is not shaken. But the shaking is very minute, and so far we have not had any instruments to measure it. But now we have such sensitive electronic instruments that a vibration of a thousandth of a second’s duration can also be measured. But the vibration of the human being still cannot be measured. So far we have not yet made any instruments for measuring that.

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