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2nd Chapter – Planet Aspects

Meaning Of Aspects

It is well known that in Vedic astrology  all planets aspect the seventh house, the full aspects.

Why the Seventh Aspects?vedic astrology planetry aspects

To protect his house and children, closet attention must be paid by every person to the protection of women.  The seventh house being the house of marriage, wife, it is obvious that protection of one’s wife is everyone’s life-long duty. By protecting the major pillar of life, one’s domestic stability  is acquired.

Why Special Aspect?

Jupiter aspects the fifth and the ninth houses also; Mars aspects the fourth and the eight house also. Let is be understood.


Jupiter is the planet of divinity and it is his duty to offer protection to learning and children represented by the fifth house and also the father and religion, by covering , through a special aspect, the ninth house.


The house one live in needs protection which involves something in the nature of police, State or army protection. Mars represents the army, police etc. Therefore Mars has been given the fourth aspects.

The eighth aspects of Mars is to protect the house of longevity, the duty of Mars is to protect life and property.


Saturn’s third aspects represents the efforts (velour) that have to be put in to achieve what one desires to achieve (deeds). The tenth house representing deeds (karma), needs the help of Saturn.


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