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1st Chapter- Houses and their significances

Let the beginning be made with the basics and some reasoning.

The Lagna or Ascendant

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The rising sign represents the body because with the rising sign rises the human body. It is for this reason that the body is identified  with the lagna.

Note: Mostly whenever anything is happening to one’s body the Lagna and the lagna lord have to come into play.

The Second House

For its sustenance , the body needs food, clothes and money, initially provided by  the parents, later earned by the individual himself.

Note: It is for this reason that the second house is treated as Kutumba (Family) generally the parents.

The Third House

To earn money one has to work, show valour, do efforts. Such efforts are done with brothers and sisters who become co-sharers of money earned in traditional societies.

Note:  A malefic planet in the third houses is preferred to a benefic generally for two reasons: First a malefic here shows the will to do hard work, not soft work. The second reason is that the third house is one of the tri-shadaya houses(The third, the sixth and the eleventh houses) which are described as evil houses. Malefics here becomes negation of negation, or two negatives making a positive.

The Fourth House

Earning of money (second house) through efforts (third house) leads to the making of property and living in it. The fourth represents mother, property, vehicles etc. – in fact the domestic surroundings.

Note: Happiness of mother, home and vehicles being associated with the house. The house is described as sukh-bhava or the house of happiness.

 The Fifth house

The fifth house is generally indicative of three events: in early life-education, in middle age- children and in old age(in some cases entire life) – spiritual practices.

 The Sixth house

At three stages of life(in fact all stages) there is the fear of illness, enemies and debts which the sixth house represents. Such threats are ever present.

Note: Here again a malefic is preferred as again it is a case of two negatives making a positive.

The Seventh House

Completion of education which helps one make a career and developing sound health (the sixth house),  leads to the desire to have a life-partner in the shape of husband or a wife in a traditional way, or a partner to live together with, in western societies , and some sections of even traditional societies of the east.

Note: It also being the house of business, business partner is also to be examined from the seventh house.

The Eighth House

Settling down in a family life in a traditional way, the desire to have a life long enough to enjoy it, is human nature. The eighth house is the house of longevity.

Note: It is for this reason that this house is examined for disease free life. An afflicted eighth house or lord is a major factor in predicting about fatal events of life.

The Ninth House

Longevity increases through good deeds, mainly religious. The desire to increase one’s longevity leads one into right path or cultivation of such habits a will not ruin life’s manifold happiness.

Note: In south india this house is examined for predictions about father while in north india the tenth house is taken into account. It will be shown later that both should be examined simultaneously.

The Tenth House

This is the house of deeds (karma). Traditionally it is father that puts his children into a carrer or, one makes one’s own efforts to make a career. Traditionally  since the ninth house is the house of huru,father ,teacher,preceptor etc. It is they who prepare one for a career.

Note: It is also being the house of reputation, benefics in the tenth house or associated with the tenth house have been traditionally praised .But since it is the house of career, the nature of planets associated with the tenth house or, the tenth lord, will give a clue to the nature of one’s profession.

 The Eleventh House

It is the house of earnings, it being second to the tenth house. What one earns through deeds is to be judged from this house.

Note: It being the house of achievements, it has to include titles, honors etc. One is likely to get from this house.

The Twelfth House

What is earned is spent so the twelfth house is house of expenditure.

Note: The twelfth house represents the last stage of life also in which one prepares for death. It is for this reason that is ti described as the house of moksha or liberation.


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